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What does Vizsla Resources do?
Vizsla Resources (TSX-V:VZLA), (NYSE:VZLA) is a mineral exploration company focused on unlocking the potential of precious and base metals projects. It primarily operates in Mexico, where it is advancing the Panuco project, aiming to discover significant silver and gold resources. This endeavor reflects Vizsla’s objective to create value through exploration success and development of mining projects that can contribute positively to local communities and stakeholders. Vizsla Resources trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol TSXV:VZLA, facilitating investors' access to its growth journey in the mining sector.
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Where is the head office for Vizsla Resources ?

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Vancouver, Canada

What year was Vizsla Resources founded?

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What does Vizsla Resources specialise in?
/Mining Exploration /Precious Metals /Mexican Projects /Resource Development /Metal Extraction /Investment Opportunities

What are the products and/or services of Vizsla Resources ?

Overview of Vizsla Resources offerings
Panuco project: A significant silver-gold mining project with expansive exploration and development potential, aiming to discover major veins for production.
Copinga project: Exploration project focused on identifying high-grade silver and gold deposits, leveraging advanced geological techniques for resource estimation.
Joint ventures: Collaborations with local and international mining companies to accelerate exploration and development of precious metal projects, expanding resource base and operational capabilities.
Acquisition strategy: Active pursuit of strategically located precious metals mining assets to enhance project portfolio and increase shareholder value through targeted acquisitions.
Community development programs: Initiatives aimed at supporting and developing the communities around mining operations, emphasizing sustainable practices and local economic growth.
Technological innovation: Investment in cutting-edge mining technology to improve exploration precision, increase recovery rates, and enhance overall operational efficiency for better environmental and economic outcomes.

Who is in the executive team of Vizsla Resources ?

Vizsla Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Craig Andrew Parry B.Sc., BSc (Hons), MAusIMM
    Mr. Craig Andrew Parry B.Sc., BSc (Hons), MAusIMM
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Michael A. Konnert
    Mr. Michael A. Konnert
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Mahesh Nalinda Liyanage C.A., CPA, CA, CPA
    Mr. Mahesh Nalinda Liyanage C.A., CPA, CA, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Simon  Cmrlec
    Mr. Simon Cmrlec
    COO & Director
  • Dr. Jesus  Velador
    Dr. Jesus Velador
    Vice President of Exploration
  • Mr. Michael N. Pettingell
    Mr. Michael N. Pettingell
    Senior Vice President of Business Development & Strategy
  • Mr. Charles Walter Funk B.Sc.
    Mr. Charles Walter Funk B.Sc.
    Lead Technical Advisor to the Board
  • Ms. Jennifer  Hanson
    Ms. Jennifer Hanson
    Corporate Secretary