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What does VivoPower International do?
VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ:VVPR) is a global renewable energy company focused on delivering comprehensive clean energy solutions and electric vehicle infrastructure. With its diversified approach, VivoPower operates across the solar and critical power services sectors, aiming to enable sustainable energy and transportation ecosystems. The company is involved in various projects spanning solar power generation, battery storage, and the electrification of fleet vehicles, demonstrating a commitment to reducing carbon footprints and fostering energy independence. Through strategic partnerships and innovative technologies, VivoPower aspires to drive the transition towards a more sustainable future by delivering reliable, renewable energy and electrification solutions that cater to the evolving needs of communities and industries globally.
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Where is the head office for VivoPower International ?

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London, United Kingdom

What year was VivoPower International founded?

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What does VivoPower International specialise in?
/Renewable Energy /Solar Development /Batteries Storage /Energy Services /Electric Vehicles /Power Infrastructure

What are the products and/or services of VivoPower International ?

Overview of VivoPower International offerings
Sustainable Energy Solutions - Focused on providing renewable energy solutions, including solar power projects, to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainable energy usage.
Electric Light Vehicles - Specialization in converting commercial fleet vehicles to electric, aligning with green initiatives.
Critical Power Services - Offers services ensuring uninterrupted power supply for critical infrastructure through efficient management and maintenance.
Solar and Battery Storage - Development and maintenance of battery storage systems to complement its solar projects, ensuring energy reliability and efficiency.
Solar Financing Solutions - Provides financing options for solar projects, making renewable energy more accessible to businesses and communities.
Data Analytics for Energy Efficiency - Utilizes advanced analytics to optimize energy consumption and production, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.

Who is in the executive team of VivoPower International ?

VivoPower International leadership team
  • Mr. Tser Fah Chin
    Mr. Tser Fah Chin
    Executive Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Philip  Wray
    Mr. Philip Wray
    Group Finance Director
  • Mr. Gary  Challinor
    Mr. Gary Challinor
    Managing Director of Operations & Technology
  • Mr. James  Howell-Richardson
    Mr. James Howell-Richardson
    General Counsel
  • Ms. Jacqui  Johnson
    Ms. Jacqui Johnson
    Global Human Resource Director
  • Mr. Matt  Davis
    Mr. Matt Davis
    Managing Director of VivoPower Australia
  • Mr. Phil  Lowbridge
    Mr. Phil Lowbridge
    Managing Director of J.A. Martin
  • Mr. Adam  Malcolm
    Mr. Adam Malcolm
    Managing Director of Kenshaw