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Vivakor (NASDAQ:VIVK) specializes in the extraction and remediation of precious metals and hydrocarbons from soil, with a strong focus on improving environmental practices. Primarily, the company is known for its innovative solutions in cleaning up contaminated sites, especially those impacted by oil spills or similar industrial waste. Vivakor's projects span across multiple regions, aiming to reduce environmental footprints while maximizing recovery of valuable resources. The company's objectives center around leveraging its proprietary technology to address some of the most challenging environmental disasters, turning liabilities into assets. Through their work, Vivakor strives to make significant contributions to environmental restoration while also creating value for their stakeholders and the communities in which they operate.
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Dallas, United States

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/Oil Extraction /Environmental Remediation /Precious Metals /Healthcare Technology /Clean Technology /Rapid Scan Technology

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Overview of Vivakor offerings
Remediation processing technology that efficiently extracts valuable commodities from soil, significantly reducing environmental impact.
VivaVentures Precious Metals, a division focused on the acquisition and development of precious metals and minerals.
Cutting-edge research in Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), aimed at reducing carbon footprint.
VivaSight, a project that leverages advanced imaging technologies for environmental and infrastructural assessments.
Development of proprietary technologies for the efficient extraction of heavy crude oil, enhancing output while minimizing ecological disturbances.
Collaboration on advanced material recovery processes, aiming to reclaim and recycle rare and precious metals from electronic waste.

Who is in the executive team of Vivakor?

Vivakor leadership team
  • Mr. James H. Ballengee
    Mr. James H. Ballengee
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Tyler  Nelson
    Mr. Tyler Nelson
    CFO, Secretary & Director
  • Dr. Daniel P. Hashim
    Dr. Daniel P. Hashim
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Mr. Pablo  Penaloza
    Mr. Pablo Penaloza
    President of Acquisitions