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What does Vitru Ltd do?
Vitru (NASDAQ:VTRU) is a dynamic entity concentrated on the Brazilian education sector, primarily focusing on delivering higher education and continuing education courses. Its operations span across offering both digital and in-person educational programs, aiming to increase accessibility and quality in education for a broad spectrum of students. With a range of degrees and courses, Vitru leverages technology and innovative teaching methodologies to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. The company's projects are geared towards expanding its educational offerings, improving the technological infrastructure, and reaching more students across Brazil. Vitru's objectives include promoting educational advancement, fostering lifelong learning, and contributing to the educational development of the country, thereby making a significant impact on the lives of its students.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Vitru Ltd?

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Florianópolis, Brazil

What year was Vitru Ltd founded?

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What does Vitru Ltd specialise in?
/Online Education /Technological Services /Educational Courses /Digital Solutions /Student Career Development /International Expansion Projects

What are the products and/or services of Vitru Ltd?

Overview of Vitru Ltd offerings
Digital higher education platform offering undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, and technical courses.
Uniasselvi, a leading distance learning institution in Brazil focusing on affordable, accessible education.
Flex Learning, combining online learning with periodic in-person classes.
Vitru Tutoria, a system providing academic and motivational support to students.
Corporate education solutions for upskilling and reskilling employees.
Educational content development, including the creation of textbooks, digital resources, and tailored learning materials.

Who is in the executive team of Vitru Ltd?

Vitru Ltd leadership team
  • Mr. William Victor Kendrick de Matos Silva
    Mr. William Victor Kendrick de Matos Silva
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Carlos Henrique Boquimpani de Freitas
    Mr. Carlos Henrique Boquimpani de Freitas
    Chief Financial & Investor Relations Officer
  • Ms. Ana Paula Rodrigues
    Ms. Ana Paula Rodrigues
    Chief People, Management & Services Officer