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What does Vision Marine Technologies do?
Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ:VMAR) focuses on transforming the boating industry through the design, manufacturing, and distribution of electric recreational marine propulsion systems and related components. This innovative company aims to redefine marine propulsion to enhance environmental sustainability and overall boating experience. Vision Marine Technologies aims to lead in the electrification of the marine industry with its projects around high-performance electric outboard motors and complete electric powertrain systems. The company's objectives include reducing the environmental impact of boating activities, increasing the accessibility of electric boating solutions, and driving the shift towards cleaner, quieter, and more efficient marine propulsion technologies.
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Consumer Discretionary

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Montreal, Canada

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What does Vision Marine Technologies specialise in?
/Electric Boats /Marine Technology /Outboard Motors /E-Motion 180E /Sustainable Boating /Boat Hosting

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Overview of Vision Marine Technologies offerings
E-Motion Electric Outboard Motor: A groundbreaking electric outboard propulsion system offering high performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability for boats.
Electric Rental Operations: Providing electric boats for rental services, promoting sustainable and quiet boating experiences.
Partnerships for Electric Boat Racing: Collaborating with racing organizations to introduce electric powerboats, fostering innovation and excitement in marine sports.
Technology Licensing: Offering proprietary electric propulsion technology to other marine manufacturers, enabling broader adoption of clean energy in the boating industry.
Battery Development: Focusing on advanced battery technology to enhance the range and power of electric marine propulsion systems.
Electric Boat Sales: Offering a selection of fully electric boats, optimized for performance and designed for recreational and commercial use.

Who is in the executive team of Vision Marine Technologies?

Vision Marine Technologies leadership team
  • Mr. Alexandre  Mongeon
    Mr. Alexandre Mongeon
    Co-Founder, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Xavier  Montagne
    Mr. Xavier Montagne
    CTO & COO
  • Mr. Raffi  Sossoyan
    Mr. Raffi Sossoyan
    Chief Financial Officer