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What does Vishay Intertechnology do?
Vishay Intertechnology (NYSE:VSH) stands out as a notable player in the manufacturing and supply of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. These primary offerings cater to sectors such as automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical markets. The company's operations span across designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide array of products that are integral to electronic devices and equipment. Vishay's projects focus on innovation and expanding its product lines to meet the evolving demands of the technology and electronics industry. The objective of Vishay is to maintain and grow its presence in the global market by providing high-quality, reliable components crucial for the functionality of electronic systems.
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What sector is Vishay Intertechnology in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Vishay Intertechnology?

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Malvern, United States

What year was Vishay Intertechnology founded?

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What does Vishay Intertechnology specialise in?
/Electronic Components /Semiconductor Manufacturer /Passive Components /Opto Electronics /Automotive Electronics /Satellite Communication

What are the products and/or services of Vishay Intertechnology?

Overview of Vishay Intertechnology offerings
Precision resistors and networks for accuracy and stability in applications, offering a variety of configurations and packaging options.
Capacitors for energy storage, power management, and signal conditioning, available in multiple materials and technologies.
Inductors and transformers designed for high performance in power supplies, filtering, and signal processing applications.
Optoelectronic products including infrared emitters, photodiodes, and optical sensors for automotive, consumer, and industrial uses.
Semiconductors such as diodes, MOSFETs, and power ICs for power management and efficient energy conversion.
Thermistors and varistors for temperature sensing, compensation, and circuit protection in a range of industries.

Who is in the executive team of Vishay Intertechnology?

Vishay Intertechnology leadership team
  • Mr. Marc  Zandman
    Mr. Marc Zandman
    Executive Chairman & Chief Business Development Officer
  • Mr. Joel  Smejkal
    Mr. Joel Smejkal
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Jeffrey Allen Webster
    Mr. Jeffrey Allen Webster
    COO & Executive VP
  • Mr. Roy  Shoshani
    Mr. Roy Shoshani
    Executive VP & CTO
  • Mr. David E. McConnell
    Mr. David E. McConnell
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. David L. Tomlinson
    Mr. David L. Tomlinson
    Senior VP, Corporate Controller & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Michael  O'Sullivan
    Mr. Michael O'Sullivan
    Executive VP and Chief Administrative & Legal Officer
  • Mr. Peter G. Henrici
    Mr. Peter G. Henrici
    Executive VP of Corporate Development & Corporate Secretary