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VirTra (NASDAQ:VTSI) specializes in immersive training technology and solutions for law enforcement, military, and civilian markets. With a focus on enhancing decision-making, improving response times, and increasing situational awareness, VirTra provides highly realistic simulation platforms and coursework to prepare individuals for real-world challenges. Their products include firearms training simulators, use-of-force training simulators, and driving simulators for a comprehensive training experience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, VirTra aims to improve safety, performance, and outcomes in critical situations. Their mission is to deliver innovative training solutions that lead to better decision-making, enhanced safety, and effective responses in high-stress environments.
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Chandler, United States

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What does VirTra specialise in?
/Simulation Training /Law Enforcement /Firearms Training /Military Solutions /Use of Force /Performance Analysis

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Overview of VirTra offerings
Use-of-force and firearms simulation training systems designed to prepare law enforcement, military, and other security personnel for real-world situations.
Virtual reality-based simulators that offer immersive scenarios for judgmental use-of-force and situational awareness training.
A comprehensive library of interactive, scenario-based training modules promoting decision-making skills and de-escalation techniques.
V-Marksmanship, a system focused on enhancing shooting accuracy, reaction times, and weapon handling skills under various conditions.
V-100, a single-screen simulator offering cost-effective, detailed firearms training and skill development.
STEP (Stress Exposure Training Pack), designed to acclimatize trainees to stressful conditions, improving performance and decision-making under pressure.

Who is in the executive team of VirTra?

VirTra leadership team
  • Mr. Robert D. Ferris
    Mr. Robert D. Ferris
    Founder & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. John F. Givens II
    Mr. John F. Givens II
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Alanna  Boudreau
    Ms. Alanna Boudreau
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Tony  Cianflone
    Mr. Tony Cianflone
    Vice President of Sales
  • Ms. Rebecca  Valdez
    Ms. Rebecca Valdez
    Senior Vice President of Human Resources