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What does Virginia National Bankshares do?
Virginia National Bankshares (NASDAQ:VABK) is a bank primarily engaged in providing a wide spectrum of financial products and services. These include personal banking, commercial banking, mortgage lending, and wealth management, catering to both individual and corporate clients. The bank focuses on fostering community development and strengthening relationships with its customers through tailored financial solutions. Virginia National Bankshares aims to expand its market presence, enhance digital banking capabilities, and deliver superior customer service, thereby ensuring long-term growth and shareholder value. Being traded on NASDAQ under the symbol VABK highlights its position in the financial sector and its commitment to transparency and governance.
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How many people does Virginia National Bankshares employ?


What sector is Virginia National Bankshares in?

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Where is the head office for Virginia National Bankshares ?

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Head Office
Charlottesville, United States

What year was Virginia National Bankshares founded?

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Year Founded
What does Virginia National Bankshares specialise in?
/Retail Banking /Commercial Banking /Mortgage Services /Wealth Management /Online Banking /Community Investment

What are the products and/or services of Virginia National Bankshares ?

Overview of Virginia National Bankshares offerings
Commercial banking services, offering loans, deposits, and other financial products to individuals and businesses.
Wealth management and trust services, providing investment, trust, and estate planning solutions.
Online and mobile banking platforms, facilitating account management, transfers, and bill payments.
Treasury management services, helping businesses manage cash flow, receivables, and payables.
Merchant services, offering payment processing solutions to businesses.
Residential mortgage lending, providing home loans and refinancing options.

Who is in the executive team of Virginia National Bankshares ?

Virginia National Bankshares leadership team
  • Mr. Glenn Wilfred Rust
    Mr. Glenn Wilfred Rust
    President, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Donna G. Shewmake
    Ms. Donna G. Shewmake
    Executive VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • Ms. Virginia R. Bayes
    Ms. Virginia R. Bayes
    Executive VP & Chief Banking Officer
  • Ms. Tara Y. Harrison
    Ms. Tara Y. Harrison
    CFO & Executive VP