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What does Viper Energy Ut do?
Viper Energy Ut (NASDAQ:VNOM) focuses on owning, acquiring, and exploiting oil and natural gas properties in North America. Its primary projects involve the development of mineral interests in major oil and gas basins, with a keen aim to enhance production levels and expand its asset base through strategic acquisitions. Viper Energy is primarily committed to growing its portfolio in a sustainable manner while maximizing returns for its stakeholders. The company's objectives include leveraging its expertise in the oil and gas sector to identify and capitalize on lucrative investment opportunities, ensuring a steady stream of income by actively managing its assets, and maintaining a strong focus on operational excellence and cost efficiency.
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Where is the head office for Viper Energy Ut?

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Midland, United States

What year was Viper Energy Ut founded?

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What does Viper Energy Ut specialise in?
/Oil Production /Natural Gas /Mineral Interests /Royalty Acquisition /Energy Investments /Land Ownership

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Overview of Viper Energy Ut offerings
Royalty interests in oil and natural gas properties ensuring lucrative revenue streams from extracted resources.
Acquisition and management of quality mineral and royalty interests across major basins.
Partnership with operators for exploration and development, enhancing asset portfolio.
Innovative technology adoption for efficient resource extraction and management.
Strategic divestiture of non-core assets to focus on high-value projects.
Comprehensive data analysis activities for informed decision-making in acquisitions and operations.

Who is in the executive team of Viper Energy Ut?

Viper Energy Ut leadership team
  • Mr. Travis D. Stice
    Mr. Travis D. Stice
    CEO & Director of Viper Energy Partners GP LLC
  • Mr. Matthew Kaes Van't Hof
    Mr. Matthew Kaes Van't Hof
    President of Viper Energy Partners GP LLC
  • Ms. Teresa L. Dick
    Ms. Teresa L. Dick
    Executive VP, CFO & Assistant Secretary of Viper Energy Partners GP LLC
  • Mr. Adam T. Lawlis
    Mr. Adam T. Lawlis
    Vice President of Investor Relations of Viper Energy Partners GP LLC
  • Mr. Matt  Zmigrosky
    Mr. Matt Zmigrosky
    Executive VP, General Counsel & Secretary of Viper Energy Partners GP LLC