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What does View do?
View (NASDAQ:VIEW) is a company specializing in the design, production, and sale of smart glass technology. Their innovative products aim to improve energy efficiency and enhance comfort in buildings by controlling light, glare, and heat. View's projects span various sectors, including commercial offices, healthcare facilities, airports, and educational institutions, demonstrating a strong commitment to creating environmentally friendly and technologically advanced spaces. The company's primary objective is to transform buildings into more intelligent, responsive environments that positively impact the well-being of occupants and reduce energy consumption. Through strategic partnerships and continuous research and development, View aims to lead the advancement of smart glass technology and expand its application across the globe.
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Where is the head office for View?

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Milpitas, United States

What year was View founded?

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What does View specialise in?
/Smart Windows /Energy Efficiency /Natural Light /Artificial Intelligence /Predictive Analytics /Customizable Tinting

What are the products and/or services of View?

Overview of View offerings
Dynamic Glass - Smart windows that automatically adjust their tint to control heat and glare while maintaining a connection to the outdoors.
Smart Building Platform - Integrates with building systems to improve energy efficiency, space utilization, and occupant experience through IoT technologies.
View Immersive Experience - An advanced technology transforming windows into transparent, high-resolution displays for information, entertainment, or advertising.
Health and Wellness - Windows designed to increase occupants' exposure to natural light, improving sleep quality, productivity, and overall well-being.
Energy Efficiency Services - Consultation and solutions designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint for commercial buildings.
Sustainability Consulting - Provides expertise in achieving sustainability and green building certification goals, promoting eco-friendly practices.

Who is in the executive team of View?

View leadership team
  • Dr. Rao  Mulpuri
    Dr. Rao Mulpuri
    CEO & Director
  • Samuel  Meehan
    Samuel Meehan
    Head of Investor Relations
  • Mr. William T. Krause
    Mr. William T. Krause
    Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
  • Mr. Nitesh  Trikha
    Mr. Nitesh Trikha
    Chief Product Officer