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Vident International Equity Fund (NYSEARCA:VIDI) is a renowned fund focusing on delivering long-term capital growth by investing in international equities. The fund applies a principles-based investment strategy, aiming to identify high-quality, well-governed companies outside of the U.S. with strong growth potential. It leverages a systematic framework that considers financial metrics, governance factors, and social and economic contributions of prospective investments. VIDI's objective is to offer investors diversified exposure to international markets, tapping into opportunities across developed and emerging economies. Through meticulous analysis and a disciplined investment approach, Vident International Equity Fund seeks to uncover value for its shareholders, while adhering to its commitment to integrity and sustainability in investing.
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Alpharetta, United States

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/Global Equities /Diversified Portfolio /Risk Management /Currency Hedging /Investment Strategy /Market Capitalization

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Overview of Vident International Equity Fund offerings
Global Equity Strategies: Invests in a diversified portfolio of international stocks using a principled investment approach focused on countries with sound fiscal policies.
Emerging Markets Strategies: Targets investments in emerging markets that demonstrate strong economic fundamentals and governance, aiming to capitalize on growth potential.
International Small-Cap Equity: Focuses on small-cap companies outside the U.S., applying rigorous analysis to uncover value and growth opportunities in untapped markets.
Fixed Income Strategies: Offers exposure to international fixed income securities, emphasizing countries with responsible debt levels and stable economic policies.
Sustainable Investment Solutions: Integrates ESG criteria to identify international companies that adhere to sustainable and ethical practices while aiming for long-term value creation.
Risk Management Solutions: Employs advanced risk assessment techniques to mitigate volatility and protect investment capital in fluctuating international markets.