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What does Vicor do?
Vicor (NASDAQ:VICR) specializes in advanced power modules and comprehensive power systems that serve high-performance computing, industrial equipment, and automotive markets. With a commitment to delivering innovative high-efficiency solutions, Vicor focuses on modular power components and complete power systems that offer flexible, scalable power solutions for a wide range of applications. Its objective is to push the boundaries in power conversion technology, aiming to improve efficiency and performance across its product lines. Continuously investing in research and development, Vicor seeks to meet the evolving demands of energy-efficient, compact power solutions in global markets. The company's projects often involve pioneering new technologies to enhance the power efficiency and density of its offerings, aligning with the growing need for sustainable and reliable power solutions.
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Where is the head office for Vicor ?

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Andover, United States

What year was Vicor founded?

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What does Vicor specialise in?
/Power Modules /Energy Conversion /Voltage Regulators /Advanced Cooling /Integrated Solutions /Custom Power Systems

What are the products and/or services of Vicor ?

Overview of Vicor offerings
Power System Design Tools offering online simulations and component selection for optimized power system designs.
Modular Power Components including converters and filters for high efficiency power conversion.
Automotive Solutions providing robust, high-density power modules for automotive applications.
Military and Aerospace Power Solutions designed to meet stringent standards for reliability and performance.
Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling Technology, enabling advanced cooling for high-performance electronics.
VI Chip Products, integrating advanced power conversion technologies in compact packages for high-density applications.

Who is in the executive team of Vicor ?

Vicor leadership team
  • Dr. Patrizio  Vinciarelli Ph.D.
    Dr. Patrizio Vinciarelli Ph.D.
    Founder, Chairman, CEO & President
  • Mr. James F. Schmidt
    Mr. James F. Schmidt
    Corporate VP, CFO, Treasurer, Corporate Secretary & Director
  • Mr. Michael S. McNamara
    Mr. Michael S. McNamara
    Corporate VP, GM of Operations & Director
  • Mr. Philip D. Davies
    Mr. Philip D. Davies
    Corporate VP of Global Sales & Marketing and Director
  • Mr. Claudio  Tuozzolo
    Mr. Claudio Tuozzolo
    Corporate VP & Director
  • Mr. Quentin A. Fendelet
    Mr. Quentin A. Fendelet
    Corporate VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Alvaro  Doyle
    Mr. Alvaro Doyle
    Corporate VP & Chief Information Officer
  • Stephen  Germino
    Stephen Germino
    Director of Media Relations & PR