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What does ViaSat do?
ViaSat (NASDAQ:VSAT) specializes in satellite and wireless communication technology, offering broadband and communications products and services. This includes high-speed internet services to consumers, military communications, and in-flight Wi-Fi for commercial aviation. ViaSat’s projects are focused on expanding its satellite network capabilities, enhancing global internet accessibility, and developing next-generation technology for secure communications. Objectives include continuously improving the speed and reliability of its services, expanding its customer base, and pioneering innovations in the satellite industry to meet evolving digital communication needs.
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What sector is ViaSat in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for ViaSat?

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Head Office
Carlsbad, United States

What year was ViaSat founded?

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Year Founded
What does ViaSat specialise in?
/Satellite Communication /Broadband Services /In-flight Connectivity /Secure Networking /Digital Television /Government Services

What are the products and/or services of ViaSat?

Overview of ViaSat offerings
Satellite broadband internet services, providing high-speed connectivity to users globally, including remote and rural areas.
In-flight Wi-Fi services for commercial airlines, enabling passengers to stay connected while flying.
Government communications systems, offering secure satellite communications solutions for defense and intelligence applications.
Satellite ground infrastructure, including ground stations and terminals, supporting satellite operations and data transmission.
Managed network services for enterprises, delivering secure, reliable connectivity solutions tailored to business needs.
Maritime communications, providing ships and offshore platforms with high-speed internet and connectivity services.

Who is in the executive team of ViaSat?

ViaSat leadership team
  • Mr. Mark D. Dankberg
    Mr. Mark D. Dankberg
    Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Mark J. Miller
    Mr. Mark J. Miller
    Co-Founder, Executive VP & Chief Technical Officer
  • Ms. Shawn Lynn Duffy
    Ms. Shawn Lynn Duffy
    Senior VP & CFO
  • Mr. Kevin J. Harkenrider
    Mr. Kevin J. Harkenrider
    Executive VP & Chief Corporate Officer
  • Mr. Craig Andrew Miller
    Mr. Craig Andrew Miller
    President of Global Space Networks
  • Mr. Kumara Guru Gowrappan
    Mr. Kumara Guru Gowrappan
  • Mr. Girish  Chandran
    Mr. Girish Chandran
    Corporate Chief Technical Officer
  • Dr. Krishna S. Nathan
    Dr. Krishna S. Nathan
    Chief Information Officer