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What does Vesper do?
Vesper (CRYPTO:VSP) is a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform that empowers users to optimise their crypto assets by automating yield strategies and providing access to a diversified range of DeFi protocols. Its operations encompass the development and maintenance of its DeFi protocol, the issuance and management of the VSP token, and the operation of its smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure. Vesper's projects include expanding its suite of yield optimization strategies, integrating with new DeFi protocols, and developing innovative solutions for risk management and portfolio diversification. The project emphasises community engagement, fostering a vibrant community of DeFi users, VSP token holders, and protocol contributors. Vesper's objective is to become the leading DeFi platform for yield optimization, empowering users to effortlessly maximise their DeFi earnings while mitigating risks. It believes that by combining automated yield strategies, a diversified protocol ecosystem, and a strong community, it can create a more user-friendly and rewarding DeFi experience for users worldwide.
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