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What does Veritone do?
Veritone (NASDAQ:VERI) is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, specializing in developing platforms that enable cognitive computing power for various applications. These applications span across media and entertainment, government, legal, and compliance sectors, offering solutions like content classification, media analytics, and targeted advertising. Veritone's core objective is to harness the power of AI to transform data into actionable intelligence, thereby driving innovation and efficiency across industries. Through its various projects, Veritone aims to democratize AI by making powerful technology accessible and beneficial for businesses and organizations of all sizes, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiencies.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Veritone?

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Denver, United States

What year was Veritone founded?

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What does Veritone specialise in?
/Artificial Intelligence /Data Analytics /Content Management /Advertising Solutions /Predictive Analytics /Cognitive Engines

What are the products and/or services of Veritone?

Overview of Veritone offerings
aiWARE - An AI operating system enabling users to orchestrate cognitive engines in the cloud, optimizing processes and extracting insights.
Veritone Discovery - An advertising and content discovery solution, leveraging AI to enhance media search and analytics capabilities.
Veritone Attribute - An application designed to measure and attribute radio and TV advertising efficacy, using advanced AI analytics.
Veritone Redact - Automated software for blurring faces and objects in videos, enhancing privacy and security for law enforcement bodycam footage.
Veritone Digital Media Hub - A cloud-native, AI-enhanced digital asset management system for content owners to store, search, manage, and monetize media assets.
Veritone Voice - A real-time AI voice cloning service creating customizable digital voice personas for varied applications.

Who is in the executive team of Veritone?

Veritone leadership team
  • Mr. Ryan Scott Steelberg
    Mr. Ryan Scott Steelberg
    Co-Founder, CEO, President & Chairman
  • Mr. Chad E. Steelberg
    Mr. Chad E. Steelberg
  • Mr. Michael L. Zemetra
    Mr. Michael L. Zemetra
    Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
  • Mr. Scott  Bogdan
    Mr. Scott Bogdan
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Fleming  Meng
    Mr. Fleming Meng
    Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Brian Matthew Alger C.F.A.
    Mr. Brian Matthew Alger C.F.A.
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Development & Investor Relations
  • Mr. Thor  Valdmanis
    Mr. Thor Valdmanis
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
  • Mr. Seth K. Greenberg
    Mr. Seth K. Greenberg
    Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer