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What does Veritex do?
Veritex (NASDAQ:VBTX) is a community-oriented financial institution focused on providing personalized banking services to individuals and businesses. Operating primarily in the Texas area, Veritex's operations span commercial and retail banking, including but not limited to loans, deposits, treasury management, and online banking services. The company is committed to fostering local economic growth through strategic lending and community involvement. Veritex's objectives include expanding its market presence, enhancing digital banking capabilities to improve customer experience, and maintaining strong financial health to support sustainable growth. Through a blend of traditional banking values and modern financial solutions, Veritex aims to be the bank of choice for Texans seeking a personalized banking relationship.
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Where is the head office for Veritex?

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Head Office
Dallas, United States

What year was Veritex founded?

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Year Founded
What does Veritex specialise in?
/Commercial Banking /Consumer Banking /Mortgage Services /Treasury Management /Private Banking /Wealth Management

What are the products and/or services of Veritex?

Overview of Veritex offerings
Commercial Lending, offering various loan products including real estate, construction, and business loans.
Retail Banking, providing personal banking services like checking and savings accounts.
Treasury Management, offering cash management solutions to businesses.
Mortgage Services, providing home loans and refinancing options.
Online and Mobile Banking, enabling customers to manage their finances digitally.
Wealth Management and Advisory, offering investment, retirement, and estate planning services.

Who is in the executive team of Veritex?

Veritex leadership team
  • Mr. Charles Malcolm Holland III
    Mr. Charles Malcolm Holland III
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Terry S. Earley
    Mr. Terry S. Earley
    Senior EVP & CFO
  • Ms. LaVonda  Renfro
    Ms. LaVonda Renfro
    Senior EVP & COO
  • Ms. Angela  Harper
    Ms. Angela Harper
    Senior EVP & Chief Risk Officer
  • Mr. Dominic  Karaba
    Mr. Dominic Karaba
    President & Chief Banking Officer
  • Mike  Coyne
    Mike Coyne
    Managing Director of Operations, Technology & Service Delivery
  • Ms. Susan  Caudle
    Ms. Susan Caudle
    Executive Assistant & Shareholder Relations
  • Mr. Philip A. Donnelly
    Mr. Philip A. Donnelly
    Senior EVP & General Counsel