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Verastem (NASDAQ:VSTM) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing medicines aimed at the treatment of cancer. Their operations are centered around pioneering small molecule drugs that target critical pathways in the growth and survival of cancer cells. Verastem's projects typically involve conducting clinical trials, engaging in rigorous research and development, and seeking regulatory approvals for their innovative treatments. The company’s objective is to significantly improve outcomes for patients suffering from various forms of cancer by offering new, targeted therapeutic options. Their commitment to advancing cancer treatment is evident in their pursuit of cutting-edge science and their collaboration with healthcare professionals and institutions worldwide.
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Health Care

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Massachusetts, United States

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/Cancer Therapeutics /Clinical Research /Biopharmaceutical Development /Oncology Focus /Cellular Pathway Exploration /Commercial Production

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Overview of Verastem offerings
COPIKTRA (duvelisib) is an oral inhibitor of PI3K, used for treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia, small lymphocytic lymphoma, and follicular lymphoma.
VS-6766, a RAF/MEK clamp, targets RAS mutation-positive tumors, intended for various solid tumors including lung, colorectal, and melanoma.
Defactinib is aimed at treating mesothelioma and solid tumors, focusing on inhibiting focal adhesion kinase (FAK) to prevent cancerous cell spread.
VS-4718 targets cancer stem cells by inhibiting FAK, aimed at overcoming resistance to chemotherapy and preventing cancer recurrence.
VS-5584, a dual inhibitor of PI3K/mTOR, is in development for treating solid tumors and lymphomas, aiming at disrupting cancer cell growth and survival.
The Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) Inhibition Program focuses on developing treatments for pancreatic and other cancers by targeting the tumor microenvironment.

Who is in the executive team of Verastem?

Verastem leadership team
  • Mr. Daniel W. Paterson
    Mr. Daniel W. Paterson
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Daniel  Calkins
    Mr. Daniel Calkins
    CFO and Principal Accounting & Financial Officer
  • Mr. Richard H. Aldrich M.B.A.
    Mr. Richard H. Aldrich M.B.A.
    Founder and Consultant
  • Dr. Robert A. Weinberg Ph.D.
    Dr. Robert A. Weinberg Ph.D.
    Co-Founder & Chair of Scientific Advisory Board
  • Dr. Piyush B. Gupta Ph.D.
    Dr. Piyush B. Gupta Ph.D.
  • Dr. Michelle  Dipp M.D., Ph.D.
    Dr. Michelle Dipp M.D., Ph.D.
  • Mr. Robert  Pintar M.B.A.
    Mr. Robert Pintar M.B.A.
    Senior Vice President of Technical Operations
  • Dr. Jonathan  Pachter Ph.D.
    Dr. Jonathan Pachter Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer