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Verasity (CRYPTO:VRA) is a protocol and ad stack that uses blockchain technology to combat ad fraud and improve the efficiency of digital advertising. The protocol is powered by the VRA token, which is used to pay for transaction fees, reward users, and participate in the governance of the network. Verasity's Proof of View (PoV) technology uses blockchain to verify that ads are actually being viewed by humans. This helps to prevent ad fraud, which is a major problem in the digital advertising industry. Verasity's ad stack also includes a number of other features that are designed to improve the efficiency of digital advertising, such as rewarded advertising and attention-based advertising. The Verasity team is working on a number of projects to expand the reach of the protocol. These projects include the development of a Verasity SDK for video publishers, the launch of a Verasity ad exchange, and the integration of Verasity with major advertising platforms.
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George Town, Cayman Islands

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/AI & Big Data /Collectibles & NFTs /Entertainment /Gaming /Payments /Staking /Video

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Overview of Verasity offerings
Buy VRA: VRA can be bought with fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.
Earn VRA: VRA can be earned through watching ads, participating in surveys, and completing other tasks.
Stake VRA: VRA can be staked to earn rewards.
Store VRA: VRA can be stored in the VeraWallet, a secure and insured wallet.
Use VRA to access premium content: VRA can be used to access premium content on the VeraViews platform.
Use VRA to pay for ads: VRA can be used to pay for ads on the VeraViews platform.