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Verlato Corporation (NYSE:VLTO) is a global leader in essential water and product quality solutions, dedicated to "Safeguarding the World's Most Vital Resources." Founded in 2023, they spun off from Danaher Corporation, inheriting a legacy of operational excellence. Their core offerings span water analytics, water treatment, marking and coding, and packaging and color. They serve diverse industries like municipal utilities, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and industrials, providing innovative and reliable solutions for critical needs. Veralto emphasizes sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation in its operations and products, aiming to deliver both environmental and financial value. With a strong global presence and commitment to growth, Veralto is positioned to be a key player in the evolving water and product quality landscape.
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Massachusetts, United States

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What does Veralto specialise in?
/Technology Development /Virtual Reality /Project Planning /Augmented Reality /Software Engineering /Project Management

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Overview of Veralto offerings
Water Analytics: Provides instruments, sensors, and software solutions for monitoring and analyzing water quality parameters, helping customers ensure compliance and optimize treatment processes. (Brands: Hach, ChemTreat, Aquatic Informatics)
Water Treatment: Offers a wide range of technologies and chemicals for treating water, including disinfection, filtration, and membrane separation, to meet various quality and safety requirements. (Brands: Trojan Technologies, Xylem, ChemTreat)
Water Infrastructure: Provides equipment and services for managing and optimizing water infrastructure, including pumps, valves, controls, and metering solutions. (Brands: McCrometer, OTT HydroMet)
Marking & Coding: Offers a variety of marking and coding technologies, such as inkjet, laser, and thermal transfer, to ensure product traceability, identification, and authentication across various industries. (Brands: Videojet, Linx)
Color & Appearance: Provides color measurement and management solutions, including instruments and software, for precise and consistent color control in various applications. (Brands: X-Rite, Pantone)
Packaging Integrity: Offers solutions for testing and ensuring the integrity and safety of packaging materials and products, including leak detection and contamination analysis. (Brands: Esko)

Who is in the executive team of Veralto ?

Veralto leadership team
  • Ms. Jennifer L. Honeycutt
    Ms. Jennifer L. Honeycutt
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Sameer  Ralhan
    Mr. Sameer Ralhan
    Senior VP & CFO
  • Ms. Sylvia Ann Stein J.D.
    Ms. Sylvia Ann Stein J.D.
    Senior VP & General Counsel
  • Mr. Mattias  Byström
    Mr. Mattias Byström
    Senior Vice President of Product Quality & Innovation
  • Ms. Melissa  Aquino
    Ms. Melissa Aquino
    Senior Vice President of Water Quality
  • Mr. Bernard M. Skeete
    Mr. Bernard M. Skeete
    VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Ms. Lesley  Beneteau
    Ms. Lesley Beneteau
    Senior Vice President of Human Resources
  • Ms. Surekha  Trivedi
    Ms. Surekha Trivedi
    Senior Vice President of Strategy & Sustainability