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What does Ventas do?
Ventas (NYSE:VTR) focuses on properties in the healthcare and senior living sectors, including medical office buildings, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and various senior housing communities. The company's operations span across the acquisition, leasing, and management of these assets, aiming to provide value and growth through innovative real estate solutions in the healthcare industry. Ventas' projects often involve the development or redevelopment of properties to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and residents. The company's primary objective is to capitalize on the growing demand for healthcare infrastructure by investing in high-quality properties, ensuring a blend of steady rental income and long-term capital appreciation. Through strategic expansions and partnerships, Ventas seeks to enhance its portfolio and strengthen its presence in the healthcare real estate sector.
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Real Estate

Where is the head office for Ventas?

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Chicago, United States

What year was Ventas founded?

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Year Founded
What does Ventas specialise in?
/Healthcare Real Estate /Senior Housing /Medical Office Buildings /Research Facilities /Net Lease Properties /Hospital Investments

What are the products and/or services of Ventas?

Overview of Ventas offerings
Senior housing communities, providing accommodation, healthcare, and activities tailored to the needs of the elderly.
Medical office buildings, offering spaces designed for medical practices and clinics.
Life science centers, developing facilities that support biotech research and innovation.
Skilled nursing facilities, providing long-term care and rehabilitation services for individuals requiring medical assistance.
Hospitals, investing in properties dedicated to offering comprehensive healthcare services.
Triple-net leases, a financial arrangement allowing for the leasing of properties with minimal landlord responsibilities.

Who is in the executive team of Ventas?

Ventas leadership team
  • Ms. Debra A. Cafaro
    Ms. Debra A. Cafaro
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Robert F. Probst
    Mr. Robert F. Probst
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. J. Justin Hutchens
    Mr. J. Justin Hutchens
    Executive VP of Senior Housing & Chief Investment Officer
  • Ms. Carey Shea Roberts J.D.
    Ms. Carey Shea Roberts J.D.
    Executive VP, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Ethics & Compliance Officer
  • Mr. Peter J. Bulgarelli
    Mr. Peter J. Bulgarelli
    Executive Vice President of Outpatient Medical & Research
  • Mr. Gregory R. Liebbe
    Mr. Gregory R. Liebbe
    Senior VP, Chief Accounting Officer & Controller
  • Ms. Bhavana  Devulapally
    Ms. Bhavana Devulapally
    Senior VP & Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Edmund M. Brady III
    Mr. Edmund M. Brady III
    Chief Human Resources Officer & Senior VP