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What does Varex Imaging do?
Varex Imaging (NASDAQ:VREX) specializes in designing and manufacturing X-ray imaging components. The company's product lineup includes X-ray tubes, digital flat panel detectors, connective solutions, and imaging software, catering to various applications in medical, dental, veterinary, and industrial imaging. Varex Imaging focuses on innovation and collaboration, aiming to advance imaging technology for better diagnostics and industrial inspection solutions. With a global footprint, Varex Imaging is committed to enhancing safety and efficiency for its clients and the end-users of its technology, striving to push the boundaries of what's possible in imaging performance and reliability.
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What sector is Varex Imaging in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for Varex Imaging ?

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Head Office
Salt Lake City, United States

What year was Varex Imaging founded?

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Year Founded
What does Varex Imaging specialise in?
/Medical Imaging /X-ray Technology /Digital Detectors /X-ray Tubes /Radiation Therapy /Imaging Components

What are the products and/or services of Varex Imaging ?

Overview of Varex Imaging offerings
X-Ray imaging components including tubes and digital detectors critical for medical and industrial applications.
Cone Beam CT imaging solutions for high-quality 3D imaging in various diagnostics applications.
Digital detectors and imaging software for mammography, offering enhanced image quality for breast cancer screening.
High-energy X-Ray tubes and linear accelerators for cancer treatment through radiation therapy.
Real-time image processing software solutions, enhancing diagnostic imaging efficiency and accuracy.
Industrial imaging components and software, providing advanced inspection capabilities for product quality control and security.

Who is in the executive team of Varex Imaging ?

Varex Imaging leadership team
  • Mr. Sunny S. Sanyal
    Mr. Sunny S. Sanyal
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Shubham  Maheshwari
    Mr. Shubham Maheshwari
    CFO & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Ms. Kimberley E. Honeysett
    Ms. Kimberley E. Honeysett
    Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  • Mr. Mark S. Jonaitis
    Mr. Mark S. Jonaitis
    Senior VP & GM of X-Ray Sources
  • Mr. Andrew J. Hartmann
    Mr. Andrew J. Hartmann
    Senior VP & GM of X-ray Detectors
  • Mr. Christopher John Belfiore
    Mr. Christopher John Belfiore
    Director of Investor Relations
  • David  Carmona
    David Carmona
    Vice President of Medical Global Sales & Marketing
  • Karen  Aranki
    Karen Aranki
    Chief Human Resources Officer