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What does VanEck Robotics ETF do?
VanEck Robotics ETF (NASDAQ:IBOT) specializes in investments across the global robotics, artificial intelligence, and healthcare technology sectors. This fund aims to provide investors with exposure to companies that stand to benefit significantly from advances in robotics and related technologies, focusing on long-term growth opportunities. Their projects include carefully curated portfolios of companies across a diverse range of applications from industrial automation to autonomous vehicles, ensuring a broad spectrum of innovation within the sector. The primary objective of VanEck Robotics ETF is to outperform the total return performance of the robotics and artificial intelligence market, providing investors with a strategic gateway to this rapidly evolving industry.
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New York, United States

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/Artificial Intelligence /Robotics Industry /Global Index /Equity Investment /Technology Sector /Manufacturing Automation

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Overview of VanEck Robotics ETF offerings
Focused investment in global companies involved in robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence.
Diversified exposure across different sectors implementing robotics technology including healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.
Offers liquidity and ease of trading through exchange-listed ETF shares.
Tracks the performance of a robotics and automation index to provide investment returns.
Managed by experienced professionals with deep industry knowledge.
Continuous research and adjustment of the portfolio to include emerging robotics and automation leaders.