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VanEck Green Bond ETF (NYSE:GRNB) focuses on investing in green bonds which are issued to fund projects with environmental benefits. The fund aims to track the performance of the S&P Green Bond U.S. Dollar Select Index, which is composed of selected green bonds meeting strict criteria based on the S&P Green Bond Principles. These projects range from renewable energy to pollution prevention and sustainable water management. VanEck Green Bond ETF's objective is to provide investors with exposure to bonds that facilitate positive environmental impact while seeking to generate income and long-term capital growth. Through its investments, GRNB supports initiatives that contribute to environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation, aligning financial returns with socially responsible investment principles.
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New York, United States

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/Investment Management /Green Bonds /Sustainable Investment /Environment-Focused /Fixed Income /Fund Tracking

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Overview of VanEck Green Bond ETF offerings
Invests in global green bonds aimed at financing environmentally friendly projects.
Focuses on bonds that have positive environmental impacts, such as renewable energy and pollution prevention.
Targets investments in both developed and emerging markets for diverse exposure.
Prioritizes bonds with strong sustainability credentials verified by third parties.
Incorporates a mix of government and corporate bonds to balance risk and return.
Offers investors exposure to fixed income securities with environmental benefits.