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What does Valley National Bancorp do?
Valley National Bancorp (NYSE:VLY) is a regional bank offering a comprehensive suite of banking products and services, including personal and commercial banking, lending, and investment services. The bank focuses on delivering personalized financial solutions to individuals, businesses, and communities it serves, aiming to foster economic growth and financial well-being. Valley National Bancorp is deeply invested in community development, financing local projects that bolster economic vitality, and supporting charitable initiatives. With a keen eye on sustainable growth, the bank is continuously exploring opportunities to expand its footprint and enhance its digital banking capabilities, to better serve its diverse customer base and adapt to the rapidly changing financial landscape.
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What sector is Valley National Bancorp in?

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Where is the head office for Valley National Bancorp?

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Head Office
New Jersey, United States

What year was Valley National Bancorp founded?

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Year Founded
What does Valley National Bancorp specialise in?
/Commercial Banking /Consumer Banking /Wealth Management /Business Lending /Mortgage Services /Treasury Management

What are the products and/or services of Valley National Bancorp?

Overview of Valley National Bancorp offerings
Commercial lending services offering loans to mid-sized and large companies for growth and operational expenses.
Personal banking solutions including checking and savings accounts, mortgages, and personal loans for individual financial needs.
Online and mobile banking platforms providing 24/7 access to account management, funds transfer, and bill payment services.
Wealth management and financial planning services helping individuals and families optimize their financial future.
Small Business Administration (SBA) lending supporting small businesses with government-backed loans to finance their operations.
Treasury and cash management services offering businesses solutions for managing payables, receivables, and liquidity.

Who is in the executive team of Valley National Bancorp?

Valley National Bancorp leadership team
  • Mr. Ira D. Robbins
    Mr. Ira D. Robbins
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Thomas A. Iadanza
    Mr. Thomas A. Iadanza
    President & Chief Banking Officer
  • Mr. Michael D. Hagedorn
    Mr. Michael D. Hagedorn
    Senior EVP & CFO
  • Mr. Joseph V. Chillura
    Mr. Joseph V. Chillura
    Senior Executive Vice President of Commercial Banking
  • Mr. Raja A. Dakkuri
    Mr. Raja A. Dakkuri
    Senior EVP & Chief Risk Officer
  • Mr. Russell  Barrett
    Mr. Russell Barrett
    Senior EVP & COO
  • Mr. Mitchell L. Crandell
    Mr. Mitchell L. Crandell
    Executive VP & Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Travis P. Lan
    Mr. Travis P. Lan
    Head of Investor Relations