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What does Valaris do?
Valaris (NYSE:VAL) is a global provider of offshore drilling services to the oil and gas industry. The company owns and operates one of the world's largest fleets of offshore drilling units, including the latest-technology drillships, versatile semisubmersibles and jackups designed for deep water, harsh environment, and shallow water drilling. Valaris is focused on delivering efficient, reliable drilling services aimed at meeting the diverse needs of its clients with a strong emphasis on safety, environmental responsibility, and operational excellence. The company's project portfolio spans across various geographical regions, providing critical services that enable energy companies to explore and develop oil and gas reservoirs beneath the ocean floor. Valaris aims to lead the industry by innovating new ways to deliver safer, more efficient, and environmentally responsible drilling operations.
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London, United Kingdom

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What does Valaris specialise in?
/Offshore Drilling /Marine Equipment /Geothermal Services /Marine Engineering /Drilling Rig Services /Energy Exploration

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Overview of Valaris offerings
Offshore drilling services, providing advanced drilling solutions and expertise for oil and gas exploration and development across deepwater and harsh environments.
Managed pressure drilling, offering state-of-the-art technology and services to improve safety, efficiency, and economics in challenging drilling operations.
Jackup rig services, featuring a fleet of high-specification rigs designed for operations in shallow water environments worldwide.
Drill ships, equipped with the latest technology for ultra-deepwater drilling projects, supporting global energy exploration efforts.
Asset management services, aimed at optimizing rig performance, maintenance, and compliance through advanced monitoring and management techniques.
Environmental and sustainability consulting, providing expertise on reducing operational impact and enhancing energy efficiency for projects and operations.

Who is in the executive team of Valaris?

Valaris leadership team
  • Mr. Anton  Dibowitz
    Mr. Anton Dibowitz
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Christopher T. Weber
    Mr. Christopher T. Weber
    Senior VP & CFO
  • Mr. Gilles  Luca
    Mr. Gilles Luca
    Senior VP & COO
  • Mr. Darin  Gibbins
    Mr. Darin Gibbins
    Vice President of Investor Relations & Treasurer
  • Mr. Davor  Vukadin
    Mr. Davor Vukadin
    Senior VP, General Counsel & Secretary
  • Mr. Matthew  Lyne
    Mr. Matthew Lyne
    Senior VP & Chief Commercial Officer
  • Ms. Melissa  Barron
    Ms. Melissa Barron
    Controller & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Ms. Colleen W. Grable
    Ms. Colleen W. Grable
    VP & Chief Human Resources Officer