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What does Vacasa do?
Vacasa (NASDAQ:VCSA) specializes in property management and vacation rentals, offering a comprehensive range of services including full-service management and real estate services in popular vacation destinations. With a footprint that spans across multiple countries, Vacasa's operations are focused on leveraging technology to streamline the rental process for homeowners and providing high-quality, hassle-free vacation experiences for guests. The company aims to expand its market presence by continuously enhancing its platform's capabilities, growing its portfolio of vacation properties, and driving operational excellence. Vacasa's objectives center around sustainable growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation in the vacation rental industry, aiming to make vacation rentals easily accessible and enjoyable for travelers worldwide.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Vacasa?

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Portland, United States

What year was Vacasa founded?

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What does Vacasa specialise in?
/Vacation Rentals /Property Management /Real Estate Services /Vacasa Real Estate /Vacation Planning /Home Cleaning

What are the products and/or services of Vacasa?

Overview of Vacasa offerings
Vacation rental management offering complete care and services to homeowners, including marketing, cleaning, and maintenance.
Digital platform for booking unique vacation properties, providing guests with memorable accommodation experiences.
Dynamic pricing technology that adjusts rental rates in real-time based on market demand, maximizing revenue for homeowners.
Professional photography services to showcase properties in their best light, enhancing online listings and attracting more guests.
24/7 customer support ensuring both homeowners and guests receive prompt assistance and resolution to their inquiries.
HomeSafe, a proprietary safety inspection program designed to ensure that all managed properties meet strict safety standards.

Who is in the executive team of Vacasa?

Vacasa leadership team
  • Mr. Robert  Greyber
    Mr. Robert Greyber
    CEO, Interim Chief Product Officer & Director
  • Mr. Bruce  Schuman
    Mr. Bruce Schuman
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Harish  Naidu
    Mr. Harish Naidu
    Chief Product & Technology Officer
  • Mr. Ryan John Domyancic C.F.A.
    Mr. Ryan John Domyancic C.F.A.
    Senior Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Development
  • Ms. Rebecca  Boyden
    Ms. Rebecca Boyden
    Chief Legal Officer
  • Mr. Manu S. Sivanandam
    Mr. Manu S. Sivanandam
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ms. Tawanda  Starms
    Ms. Tawanda Starms
    Chief People Officer
  • Mr. Robert E. Milne
    Mr. Robert E. Milne
    Senior Vice President of Operations