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What does USA Compression Partners LP do?
USA Compression Partners LP (NYSE:USAC) engages in a niche market of providing natural gas compression services across the United States. Specializing in large-horsepower systems, USAC plays a crucial role in the domestic energy sector by enhancing the efficiency and reliability of natural gas transportation and storage. Their operations span from designing and operating compression units to full-service aftermarket support. The company focuses on long-term contracts with customers, ensuring steady revenue streams. Projects typically involve collaborating with natural gas producers, transporters, and storers to optimize the delivery of natural gas across key market locations. Objectives revolve around expanding their fleet's capacity, maintaining high utilization rates, and upholding service excellence to strengthen their position within the energy infrastructure sector.
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Austin, United States

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/Compression Services /Natural Gas /Midstream Assets /Transportation Infrastructure /Compression Equipment /Energy Industry

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Overview of USA Compression Partners LP offerings
Natural Gas Compression Services: Provision of natural gas compression services to enhance the efficiency and flow of natural gas through pipelines.
Aftermarket Services: Offers maintenance, repair, and overhaul of compression units, along with parts supply and technical support, ensuring operational efficiency and reliability.
Fleet Management: Management and optimization of compression fleet operations, including deployment, maintenance, and monitoring, tailored to clients' specific needs.
Gas Lift Applications: Specialized compression services for artificial lift in oil wells, enhancing oil production by injecting gas to reduce hydrostatic pressure in the tubing.
Processing and Storage Applications: Compression solutions for natural gas processing and storage facilities, catering to the needs of midstream and downstream market segments.
Engineering and Design Services: Custom engineering and design solutions for compression systems, focusing on clients’ specific operational requirements and efficiency improvements.

Who is in the executive team of USA Compression Partners LP?

USA Compression Partners LP leadership team
  • Mr. Eric D. Long P.E.
    Mr. Eric D. Long P.E.
    President, CEO & Director of USA Compression GP, LLC
  • Mr. George Tracy Owens
    Mr. George Tracy Owens
    Principal Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer & VP of Finance - USA Compression GP LLC
  • Mr. Eric A. Scheller
    Mr. Eric A. Scheller
    VP & COO of USA Compression GP, LLC
  • Mr. Christopher W. Porter
    Mr. Christopher W. Porter
    VP, General Counsel & Secretary of USA Compression GP LLC
  • Mr. Sean T. Kimble
    Mr. Sean T. Kimble
    Vice President of Human Resources of USA Compression GP, LLC