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What does Upexi do?
Upexi (NASDAQ:UPXI) focuses on acquiring and growing brands across various product categories through Amazon, Walmart, and other online marketplaces. Specializing in serving the ever-evolving e-commerce sector, Upexi aims to enhance the online presence and sales of the brands under its umbrella, leveraging data-driven strategies and innovative marketing approaches. The company's projects range from optimizing current product listings to expanding product lines into new markets. Objectives include maximizing the efficiency of inventory management, improving customer satisfaction, and consistently boosting revenue growth by identifying and integrating promising brands into its portfolio.
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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Upexi?

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Tampa, United States

What year was Upexi founded?

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What does Upexi specialise in?
/Software Development /Technology Consulting /Project Management /Data Analysis /IT Services /Quality Assurance

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Overview of Upexi offerings
A leading provider of innovative e-commerce and business solutions, focusing on enhancing online selling platforms.
Develops cutting-edge health and wellness products aimed at improving life quality.
Specializes in eco-friendly and sustainable consumer goods, contributing to environmental preservation.
Offers advanced analytics and digital marketing services to optimize business growth.
Manufactures and distributes high-quality personal care and beauty products.
Provides comprehensive logistics and supply chain management solutions to streamline operations.

Who is in the executive team of Upexi?

Upexi leadership team
  • Mr. Allan J. Marshall
    Mr. Allan J. Marshall
    CEO, President & Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. Andrew J. Norstrud
    Mr. Andrew J. Norstrud
    CFO & Director