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What does United Maritime do?
United Maritime (NASDAQ:USEA) focuses on maritime shipping, engaging in the transportation of various goods globally. Its operations span across the management and operation of a fleet that includes tankers and dry cargo vessels, catering to a diverse range of cargo needs. United Maritime works on projects aimed at expanding its fleet and enhancing its services, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency in maritime logistics. The company's objectives revolve around sustainable growth, operational excellence, and maximizing value for stakeholders while adhering to environmental and safety standards in the maritime industry.
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Where is the head office for United Maritime ?

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Head Office
Glyfada, Greece

What year was United Maritime founded?

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What does United Maritime specialise in?
/Maritime Services /Shipping Operations /Logistics Management /Project Cargo /Dry Bulk Shipping /Maritime Consultancy

What are the products and/or services of United Maritime ?

Overview of United Maritime offerings
Tanker services for the transportation of petroleum products, ensuring safe and efficient delivery.
Dry bulk services, focusing on the transportation of major bulk commodities.
Container shipping services, offering reliable transportation for various goods and cargoes.
Ship management services, providing comprehensive operational support for vessels.
Chartering services, catering to clients' specific needs with flexible chartering options.
Maritime logistics solutions, integrating shipping with land-based logistics for seamless supply chain management.

Who is in the executive team of United Maritime ?

United Maritime leadership team
  • Mr. Stamatios  Tsantanis
    Mr. Stamatios Tsantanis
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Stavros  Gyftakis
    Mr. Stavros Gyftakis
    CFO & Director
  • Ms. Theodora  Mitropetrou
    Ms. Theodora Mitropetrou
    General Counsel & Corporate Secretary