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What does Unifirst do?
Unifirst (NYSE:UNF) specializes in uniform rental services, offering a broad range of uniforms and workwear to a diverse set of industries including automotive, healthcare, and food service. With a focus on customizing solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients, Unifirst also provides facility service products like mops, mats, and restroom items. The company's objective is to ensure that businesses can maintain a professional image and safe working environment through its comprehensive service offerings. Committed to sustainability and innovation, Unifirst continually seeks to improve its products and the efficiency of its service delivery.
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Where is the head office for Unifirst ?

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Wilmington, United States

What year was Unifirst founded?

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What does Unifirst specialise in?
/Uniform Services /Facility Services /Protective Clothing /Cleanroom Services /Document Management /Product Customization

What are the products and/or services of Unifirst ?

Overview of Unifirst offerings
Uniform Rental and Facility Services offering customized uniform programs, mats, mops, and restroom products.
Uniform Purchase Programs providing a vast selection of workwear for purchase, tailored to industry-specific needs.
First Aid and Safety Services supplying first aid, safety products, and services to ensure workplace safety.
Fire Resistant Clothing offering specialized work attire designed to protect employees from fire hazards in the workplace.
Cleanroom Services providing garment and product sterilization for industries requiring controlled environments.
Corporate Apparel Programs offering branded corporate wear for businesses aiming to enhance their professional image.

Who is in the executive team of Unifirst ?

Unifirst leadership team
  • Mr. Steven S. Sintros
    Mr. Steven S. Sintros
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Shane F. O'Connor
    Mr. Shane F. O'Connor
    CFO & Executive VP
  • Mr. David M. Katz
    Mr. David M. Katz
    Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Ms. Cynthia  Croatti
    Ms. Cynthia Croatti
    Director, Special Consultant & Advisor
  • Mr. David A. DiFillippo
    Mr. David A. DiFillippo
    Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Michael A. Croatti
    Mr. Michael A. Croatti
    Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. William M. Ross
    Mr. William M. Ross
    Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Scott C. Chase
    Scott C. Chase