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Under Armour (NYSE:UA), (NYSE:UAA) is a global company specializing in the design, development, and marketing of branded athletic performance apparel, footwear, and accessories. This industry player innovates to inspire athletes of all levels by providing products that enhance performance through advanced technology and design. Under Armour's operations span across various countries, catering to a diverse customer base through multiple channels, including direct-to-consumer platforms and wholesale distributions. The company's projects are often aimed at expanding its product line, entering new markets, and enhancing its digital presence to improve customer experience and engagement. Under Armour is committed to empowering athletes everywhere, aiming to continuously innovate in the athletic wear space while also striving for sustainability in its manufacturing processes and supply chain operations.
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Consumer Discretionary

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Baltimore, United States

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/Sportswear Manufacturing /Fitness Accessories /Footwear Production /Sporting Equipment /Athletic Apparel /Digital Fitness Apps

What are the products and/or services of Under ArmourA?

Overview of Under ArmourA offerings
Apparel: Under Armour is best known for its innovative, moisture-wicking apparel, including shirts, shorts, pants, hoodies, and jackets, designed to keep athletes cool and dry during workouts.
Footwear: The brand offers a variety of performance footwear, including running shoes, training shoes, and basketball shoes, designed for comfort, support, and stability during exercise.
Accessories: Under Armour complements its apparel and footwear with a range of accessories, including hats, gloves, socks, bags, and protective gear, all designed to enhance the athlete's experience.
Connected Fitness: Under Armour has entered the fitness tracker and smart clothing market with products like UA Band and UA HOVR shoes, which track metrics and offer personalized coaching insights.
Team Sports Apparel: Under Armour caters to athletes of various team sports by offering uniforms, equipment, and footwear specifically designed for different athletic activities.
Licensing: Under Armour partners with various universities and professional sports teams to offer officially licensed merchandise, allowing fans to show their support for their favorite teams.

Who is in the executive team of Under ArmourA?

Under ArmourA leadership team
  • Mr. Kevin A. Plank
    Mr. Kevin A. Plank
    Founder, President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. David E. Bergman
    Mr. David E. Bergman
    CFO & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Ms. Tchernavia  Rocker
    Ms. Tchernavia Rocker
    Chief People & Administrative Officer
  • Ms. Stephanie Coleman Linnartz
    Ms. Stephanie Coleman Linnartz
  • Mr. Danny  Miles
    Mr. Danny Miles
    Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Lance  Allega
    Mr. Lance Allega
    Senior Vice President of Investor Relations & Corporate Development
  • Ms. Mehri F. Shadman Valavi J.D.
    Ms. Mehri F. Shadman Valavi J.D.
    Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Amanda  Miller
    Amanda Miller
    Chief Communications Officer