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What does Ultrapar Participacoes do?
Ultrapar Participacoes (BVMF:UGPA3), (NYSE:UGP) is a diversified Brazilian conglomerate with operations that span across several key sectors including gas distribution, chemicals, fuel distribution, and retail. The company engages in various projects aimed at expanding its reach and efficiency in the energy and retail markets, focusing on innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients and stakeholders. Ultrapar's objectives are geared towards sustainable growth, operational excellence, and the continuous development of its business segments to enhance shareholder value and customer satisfaction. By navigating the complexities of the industries it operates in, Ultrapar is committed to contributing positively to the communities it serves while adhering to high standards of corporate governance and environmental stewardship.
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Where is the head office for Ultrapar Participacoes ?

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

What year was Ultrapar Participacoes founded?

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What does Ultrapar Participacoes specialise in?
/Fuel Distribution /Chemical Products /Natural Gas /Environmental Services /Oil Refining /Storage Services

What are the products and/or services of Ultrapar Participacoes ?

Overview of Ultrapar Participacoes offerings
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG): Distributed by Ultragaz, the company's LPG segment caters to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers across Brazil.
Fuel: Ipiranga, the fuel segment, operates a vast network of gas stations offering gasoline, ethanol, diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, natural gas for vehicles, lubricants, and related services.
Retail Pharmacy: Extrafarma provides a wide range of pharmaceutical, hygiene, and beauty products through its chain of pharmacies in Brazil.
Specialty Chemicals: Oxiteno manufactures and distributes a diverse portfolio of specialty chemicals, including ethylene oxide, its derivatives, and fatty alcohols, used in various industries like personal care, cleaning products, and industrial applications.
Liquid Bulk Storage: Ultracargo offers storage and handling services for various liquid products, including fuels, chemicals, and food-grade products, across Brazil.
Other Services: The "Others" segment includes the parent company itself and subsidiaries providing supporting services like data processing and real estate management.

Who is in the executive team of Ultrapar Participacoes ?

Ultrapar Participacoes leadership team
  • Mr. Marcos Marinho Lutz
    Mr. Marcos Marinho Lutz
    CEO, Vice Chairman & Member of the Executive Board
  • Mr. Rodrigo  de Almeida Pizzinatto
    Mr. Rodrigo de Almeida Pizzinatto
    CFO & Member of Executive Board
  • Mr. Tabajara Bertelli Costa
    Mr. Tabajara Bertelli Costa
    CEO of Ultragaz & Member of Executive Board
  • Mr. Decio  de Sampaio Amaral
    Mr. Decio de Sampaio Amaral
    CEO of Ultracargo & Member of Executive Board
  • Mr. Leonardo Remiao Linden
    Mr. Leonardo Remiao Linden
    CEO of Ipiranga & Member of Executive Board
  • Fernanda Teves de Souza
    Fernanda Teves de Souza
    Risks, Compliance & Audit Director