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What does Ucloudlink Group do?
Ucloudlink Group (NASDAQ:UCL) revolutionizes mobile data connectivity and management through its innovative cloud technology. The company specializes in providing global mobile data services, cloud SIM technology, and mobile Wi-Fi hotspot rental services for cross-border travelers, offering seamless and affordable internet access worldwide. Ucloudlink aims to expand its global partner network, enhance user experience through technological advancements, and lead in the development of next-generation mobile broadband solutions. Its projects focus on delivering superior data connectivity and creating value for both individual users and businesses, striving to eliminate the barriers of high roaming costs and limited network coverage.
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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Ucloudlink Group?

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

What year was Ucloudlink Group founded?

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Year Founded
What does Ucloudlink Group specialise in?
/Mobile Data /Cloud Services /Network Solutions /Roaming Services /Data Connectivity /P2P Platform

What are the products and/or services of Ucloudlink Group?

Overview of Ucloudlink Group offerings
CloudSIM technology enabling users to access mobile data services globally without needing local SIM cards.
PaaS and SaaS platforms offering seamless global mobile data connectivity solutions to businesses.
GlocalMe - a brand offering portable Wi-Fi devices and mobile hotspots for international travelers.
Roamingman - providing global Wi-Fi hotspot rental services for travelers, ensuring connectivity across multiple countries.
Data connectivity services tailored for IoT devices, supporting various industries like logistics and smart devices.
International roaming and data plans directed towards corporate clients, ensuring comprehensive coverage and connectivity.

Who is in the executive team of Ucloudlink Group?

Ucloudlink Group leadership team
  • Mr. Chaohui  Chen
    Mr. Chaohui Chen
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Yimeng  Shi
    Mr. Yimeng Shi
    CFO & Compliance Officer
  • Mr. Zhihui  Gong
    Mr. Zhihui Gong
    CTO & Cybersecurity Officer
  • Mr. Hui  Xiao
    Mr. Hui Xiao
    Legal Manager
  • Mr. Wen  Gao
    Mr. Wen Gao
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jillian  Zeng
    Jillian Zeng
    Investor Relations Contact