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What does UBS Group AG do?
UBS Group (SWX:UBSG), (NYSE,UBS) operates as a global firm providing comprehensive financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients. UBS’s operations span wealth management, asset management, and investment banking sectors, focusing on delivering personalized financial solutions and advice. The company undertakes numerous projects aimed at financial innovation, sustainability, and enhancing digital banking experiences for its clients. UBS’s primary objective is to establish itself as a trusted partner for its clients’ financial needs while ensuring responsible business practices and contributing to societal progress.
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What sector is UBS Group AG in?

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Where is the head office for UBS Group AG?

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Head Office
Zurich, Switzerland

What year was UBS Group AG founded?

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What does UBS Group AG specialise in?
/Wealth Management /Investment Banking /Asset Management /Retail Banking /Corporate Financing /Global Financing

What are the products and/or services of UBS Group AG?

Overview of UBS Group AG offerings
Personalized portfolio management and advice is offered through Wealth Management services, tailoring strategies to individual financial goals.
Corporate clients profit from tailored advice and a broad range of financial services within the Investment Bank structure.
Asset Management provides diverse investment capabilities and investment styles across all major traditional and alternative asset classes.
Retail banking services, including current accounts, savings products, mortgages and personal loans, fulfill everyday banking needs and long-term planning.
Global Banking serves large corporations and institutions with a comprehensive suite of products and services including mergers & acquisitions advisory.
Through extensive resources in global capital markets, Equities & Fixed Income offers reliable capital raising, and trading capabilities.

Who is in the executive team of UBS Group AG?

UBS Group AG leadership team
  • Mr. Sergio P. Ermotti
    Mr. Sergio P. Ermotti
    Group CEO & President of the Group Executive Board
  • Mr. Todd  Tuckner
    Mr. Todd Tuckner
    CFO & Member of Executive Board
  • Mr. Markus  Ronner
    Mr. Markus Ronner
    Group Chief Compliance & Governance Officer and Member of Group Executive Board
  • Dr. Ulrich  Korner
    Dr. Ulrich Korner
    Member of the Group Executive Board & CEO of Credit Suisse AG
  • Mr. Kian Chew  Koh
    Mr. Kian Chew Koh
    President of UBS Asia Pacific & Member of Group Executive Board
  • Dr. Sabine  Keller-Busse
    Dr. Sabine Keller-Busse
    President of Personal & Corporate Banking and Member of the Group Executive Board
  • Mr. Robert  Karofsky
    Mr. Robert Karofsky
    President of Investment Bank & Member of Group Executive Board
  • Dr. Christian  Bluhm
    Dr. Christian Bluhm
    Group Chief Risk Officer & Member of the Group Executive Board