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What does U-Haul Holding Company do?
U-Haul (NYSE:UHAL), (NYSE:UHAL.B) specializes in equipment rental, moving, and storage services. This company is well-known for offering a wide variety of do-it-yourself moving equipment and self-storage facilities across North America. Their extensive fleet includes trucks, trailers, and other moving equipment to facilitate the relocation needs of both individual and commercial customers. U-Haul is also deeply involved in sustainability projects, aiming to reduce dependency on fossil fuels through the development of more fuel-efficient vehicles and by promoting the reuse of old buildings for storage, rather than constructing new ones. Their objective is clear - to make moving and storage convenient, affordable, and more environmentally friendly for their customers.
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Where is the head office for U-Haul Holding Company?

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Nevada, United States

What year was U-Haul Holding Company founded?

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What does U-Haul Holding Company specialise in?
/Moving Services /Storage Solutions /Truck Rentals /Packing Supplies /Trailer Rentals /Cargo Vans

What are the products and/or services of U-Haul Holding Company?

Overview of U-Haul Holding Company offerings
Truck Rentals: U-Haul boasts a diverse fleet of trucks in various sizes, from compact pickups to large moving trucks with trailers, catering to different moving needs and cargo capacities. They also offer specialized vehicles like car carriers and motorcycle trailers.
Trailer Rentals: U-Haul provides a variety of trailers for rent, including utility trailers, enclosed cargo trailers, and open car trailers. These trailers offer additional space for transporting bulky items, vehicles, or equipment.
Moving Supplies: U-Haul offers a wide range of moving supplies to help customers pack, protect, and transport their belongings safely. This includes boxes, packing tape, furniture pads, bubble wrap, and moving blankets.
Hitch Installation: U-Haul offers hitch installation services for vehicles, allowing customers to tow trailers and other equipment conveniently. This service ensures proper installation and safe towing practices.
U-Box Containers: U-Box is a portable storage container service offered by U-Haul. Customers can pack their belongings into U-Boxes at their convenience and have them transported and stored at U-Haul facilities or delivered to their destination.
Self-Storage: U-Haul provides various self-storage unit sizes at climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled facilities. This allows customers to store their belongings for short-term or long-term needs, offering flexibility and convenience.

Who is in the executive team of U-Haul Holding Company?

U-Haul Holding Company leadership team
  • Mr. Edward Joseph Shoen J.D.
    Mr. Edward Joseph Shoen J.D.
    Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
  • Mr. Samuel Joseph Shoen M.B.A., M.D.
    Mr. Samuel Joseph Shoen M.B.A., M.D.
    Vice Chairman of the Board & U-Box Project Manager
  • Mr. Jason Allen Berg
    Mr. Jason Allen Berg
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. John Cary Taylor
    Mr. John Cary Taylor
    President of U-Haul International Inc.
  • Ms. Maria Lourdes Bell
    Ms. Maria Lourdes Bell
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Sebastien  Reyes
    Sebastien Reyes
    Director of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Kristine Kunkel Campbell
    Ms. Kristine Kunkel Campbell
    General Counsel
  • Mr. Mark Alan Haydukovich CFA, ChFC, CLU, CPA, FLMI
    Mr. Mark Alan Haydukovich CFA, ChFC, CLU, CPA, FLMI
    President of Oxford Life Insurance Company