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What does Twin Vee Powercats Co do?
Twin Vee Powercats Co (NASDAQ:VEEE) is renowned for its manufacture and sale of dual-hull powerboats, an innovation that places emphasis on balance, efficiency, and performance in marine transportation. The company's product line ranges from smaller leisure models to larger, more robust fishing and commercial vessels, catering to a diverse clientele with varied maritime interests. Its operations span design, production, and direct sales, ensuring that quality is maintained from conception to customer delivery. Twin Vee Powercats is dedicated to pioneering advancements in powercat technology, aiming to enhance the boating experience by focusing on safety, comfort, and environmental sustainability. The company's mission encapsulates not only the continuous improvement of its offerings but also the pursuit of expanding its market reach, both domestically and internationally.
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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Twin Vee Powercats Co?

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Fort Pierce, United States

What year was Twin Vee Powercats Co founded?

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What does Twin Vee Powercats Co specialise in?
/Power Catamarans /Marine Craft Manufacturing /Boat Components /Craft Customization /Catamaran Repair /Dealer Partnerships

What are the products and/or services of Twin Vee Powercats Co?

Overview of Twin Vee Powercats Co offerings
Dual-console boats featuring a distinctive catamaran hull design offer enhanced stability and efficiency for marine enthusiasts.
A line of center console catamarans, ideal for fishing, offering spacious decks and smooth ride.
Electric boat propulsion systems, focusing on eco-friendly marine solutions with reduced emissions.
Outboard motors for catamarans, providing powerful and reliable performance for various watercraft.
Customizable boat features, including electronics and seating options, allowing buyers to tailor their vessels to specific needs.
Marine apparel and accessories, offering branded gear for boating enthusiasts, promoting comfort and style on the water.

Who is in the executive team of Twin Vee Powercats Co?

Twin Vee Powercats Co leadership team
  • Mr. Joseph  Visconti
    Mr. Joseph Visconti
    President, CEO & Chairman of the Board
  • Ms. Carrie L. Gunnerson
    Ms. Carrie L. Gunnerson
    Principal Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Preston  Yarborough
    Mr. Preston Yarborough
    VP & Director
  • Mr. Michael P. Dickerson
    Mr. Michael P. Dickerson
    Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
  • Mr. Jay  Foster
    Mr. Jay Foster
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Mr. Zachary  Crane
    Mr. Zachary Crane
    Director of National Sales
  • Glenn  Sonoda
    Glenn Sonoda