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What does TuyaADR do?
Tuya (HKEX:2391), (NYSE:TUYA) is a technology company focused on providing a comprehensive platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). This platform enables businesses to develop, manage, and deploy IoT devices and applications efficiently, aiming to connect different devices more smartly and seamlessly. Tuya's operations span across various industries, including smart homes, healthcare, agriculture, and more, as it seeks to empower manufacturers and brands to transform their products into smart devices. With projects ranging from cloud services to AI and machine learning applications, Tuya aims to drive innovation in IoT and improve user experiences globally. The company's objective is to create a fully connected world, making technology more accessible and providing secure, smart solutions to its partners and consumers.
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Information Technology

Where is the head office for TuyaADR?

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Hangzhou, China

What year was TuyaADR founded?

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What does TuyaADR specialise in?
/Cloud Platform /IoT Solutions /Smart Device /AI Development /Data Analytics /Software Services

What are the products and/or services of TuyaADR?

Overview of TuyaADR offerings
Smart Life IoT platform provides an integrated suite of development tools for building connected devices and managing smart ecosystems.
Tuya Smart Home solutions offer automated and synchronized control of home appliances and environment.
AI + IoT Developer Platform enables businesses to develop, manage, and deploy IoT devices and applications seamlessly.
Tuya Smart Lighting brings intelligent, connected solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial lighting systems.
Tuya Smart Security solutions offer comprehensive surveillance and alarm systems for property and personal safety.
Tuya Cloud services deliver scalable, secure cloud computing for IoT data storage, processing, and analysis.

Who is in the executive team of TuyaADR?

TuyaADR leadership team
  • Mr. Xueji  Wang
    Mr. Xueji Wang
    Founder, Co-Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Liaohan  Chen
    Mr. Liaohan Chen
    Founder, Co-Chairman & President
  • Mr. Yi  Yang
    Mr. Yi Yang
    Co-founder, COO & Director
  • Mr. Ruixin  Zhou
    Mr. Ruixin Zhou
    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Ms. Yao  Liu
    Ms. Yao Liu
    Senior VP, CFO & Director
  • Mr. Reg  Chai
    Mr. Reg Chai
    Investor Relations Director