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What does Tristar Acquisition I do?
Tristar Acquisition I (NYSE:TRIS) specializes in identifying and acquiring businesses, focusing primarily on merging, capital stock exchanges, asset acquisitions, stock purchases, and reorganization. While it operates in various sectors, its main target areas are technology, media, and telecommunications, aiming to leverage growth opportunities within these dynamic markets. Tristar Acquisition I is currently only listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol (NYSE:TRIS), indicating its primary focus on the U.S. market. The company's objective is to facilitate strategic partnerships and growth initiatives for the businesses it acquires, aiming to enhance shareholder value through its investment and operational expertise.
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What sector is Tristar Acquisition I in?

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Where is the head office for Tristar Acquisition I ?

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Burlington, United States

What year was Tristar Acquisition I founded?

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What does Tristar Acquisition I specialise in?
/Special Purpose Acquisition /Public Equity /Financial Services /Investment Management /Mergers and Acquisitions /Capital Markets

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Overview of Tristar Acquisition I offerings
Capital Raising: Tristar Acquisition raised money through an initial public offering (IPO), selling shares to investors.
Target Identification: The company uses the raised funds to identify and acquire a business in their target industry. In Tristar's case, they haven't publicly disclosed a specific target industry.
Merger Facilitation: Once a target is identified, Tristar negotiates a merger agreement for the acquisition.
Public Listing: After a successful merger, the acquired company becomes public using the SPAC's existing listing on the stock exchange (NYSE in this case). This provides the acquired company with an alternative path to going public compared to a traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Who is in the executive team of Tristar Acquisition I ?

Tristar Acquisition I leadership team
  • Mr. Chunyi  Hao
    Mr. Chunyi Hao
    Chairman of the Board & President
  • Mr. Xiaoma  Lu
    Mr. Xiaoma Lu
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Michael Hao Liu
    Mr. Michael Hao Liu
    CFO & Director
  • Mr. Ri  Yuan
    Mr. Ri Yuan
    Chief Investment Officer