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What does Tricon Capital Group do?
Tricon Capital Group (TSX:TCN), (NYSE:TCN) is a residential real estate company primarily focused on rental housing, residential development, and real estate investments. Its operations span acquiring, developing, and managing high-quality rental housing communities across North America. Tricon's projects are diverse, ranging from single-family rental homes to large-scale developments, all aimed at providing quality living spaces. The company's objectives include expanding its portfolio through strategic acquisitions, enhancing the value of its current properties, and delivering sustainable long-term returns to its shareholders. Tricon emphasizes not only growth and profitability but also community building and innovation in the housing sector.
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What sector is Tricon Capital Group in?

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Real Estate

Where is the head office for Tricon Capital Group?

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Head Office
Toronto, Canada

What year was Tricon Capital Group founded?

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What does Tricon Capital Group specialise in?
/Investment Services /Residential Real Estate /Asset Management /Construction Financing /Homeownership Programs /Commercial Developments

What are the products and/or services of Tricon Capital Group?

Overview of Tricon Capital Group offerings
Single-family rental homes offering quality, affordability, and community for American and Canadian families.
Land and homebuilding investment services focusing on development-stage projects across North America.
Multi-family residential projects aimed at delivering high-quality living spaces in prime urban locations.
Tricon Lifestyle Rentals, providing innovative rental solutions that cater to modern living preferences.
Tricon Luxury Residences, a venture into high-end residential properties offering unparalleled luxury and service.
Real estate investment advisory services, leveraging deep industry insights to guide investment strategies.

Who is in the executive team of Tricon Capital Group?

Tricon Capital Group leadership team
  • Mr. David  Berman B.Sc., M.B.A.
    Mr. David Berman B.Sc., M.B.A.
    Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Gary  Berman
    Mr. Gary Berman
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Geoffrey  Matus B.Comm., J.D., LLB, LLM
    Mr. Geoffrey Matus B.Comm., J.D., LLB, LLM
    Co-Founder & Non Independent Director
  • Mr. Wissam  Francis CPA
    Mr. Wissam Francis CPA
    Executive VP & CFO
  • Mr. Kevin  Baldridge
    Mr. Kevin Baldridge
    Executive VP & COO
  • Mr. Jonathan  Ellenzweig
    Mr. Jonathan Ellenzweig
    Executive VP & Chief Investment Officer
  • Mr. David  Veneziano
    Mr. David Veneziano
    Executive VP, Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Ms. Sherrie  Suski
    Ms. Sherrie Suski
    Executive VP & Chief People Officer