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Tribe (CRYPTO:TRIBE) is the governance token for the Fei Protocol, a DAO overseeing the Fei stablecoin (FEI). TRIBE holders wield voting power over protocol proposals, including parameter changes, feature additions, and treasury fund distribution. TRIBE tokens are earned through Fei Protocol participation or acquired on exchanges. The Fei Protocol team works on enhancing the protocol, community development, and fostering partnerships for FEI promotion. Their objectives encompass providing reliable value storage and transfer, simplifying cryptocurrency use, and encouraging adoption among individuals and businesses. TRIBE is integral for protocol governance and represents a share of the treasury funds, adding significant value to its holders.
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San Francisco, CA

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Community building: TRIBE holders play a key role in building the Fei community and promoting the adoption of the Fei Protocol.
Governance: TRIBE holders have the power to vote on proposals that affect the Fei Protocol, such as changes to the protocol's parameters, the addition of new features, and the distribution of treasury funds.
Rewards: TRIBE tokens are distributed to users who participate in the Fei Protocol in various ways, such as bonding FEI tokens, providing liquidity to Fei pools, and staking TRIBE tokens.
Staking: TRIBE holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards and support the security of the Fei Protocol.
Trading: TRIBE tokens can be purchased and sold on exchanges, providing holders with liquidity and the ability to profit from price changes.
Value capture: TRIBE holders are entitled to a portion of the Fei Protocol's treasury funds, which are generated from fees and other sources.