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What does Trex Company do?
Trex Company (NYSE:TREX) specializes in the design, manufacture, and marketing of wood-alternative decking, railing, and other outdoor living products aimed at enhancing outdoor living spaces. Its product portfolio includes composite decking that mimics the natural beauty of wood without the associated maintenance, providing a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative for consumers and commercial clients. Trex's innovative projects focus on making outdoor living more enjoyable while reducing environmental impact, aligning with their objectives to lead in sustainability and innovation within the industry. The company also invests in marketing and research to constantly improve its offerings and maintain high customer satisfaction. Through its commitment to quality and sustainability, Trex aims to expand its market presence and continue to be a trusted name in outdoor living solutions.
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Winchester, United States

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What does Trex Company specialise in?
/Composite Decking /Outdoor Living /Recyclable Material /Eco-friendly Products /Outdoor Lighting /Railing Systems

What are the products and/or services of Trex Company?

Overview of Trex Company offerings
Composite decking materials made from a combination of recycled wood and plastic, offering a durable and eco-friendly alternative for outdoor decking.
Railing systems designed to complement their decking materials, available in various styles to match any exterior design.
Outdoor lighting solutions including deck post lights, stair risers, and under-rail lights to enhance the aesthetics and safety of outdoor spaces.
High-performance composite fencing that offers privacy, durability, and a low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood fences.
Pergola kits made from the same composite materials, designed to add a stylish and durable outdoor living space.
Deck drainage systems that create a usable, dry space underneath elevated decks, expanding outdoor living spaces without additional footprint.

Who is in the executive team of Trex Company?

Trex Company leadership team
  • Mr. Bryan Horix Fairbanks
    Mr. Bryan Horix Fairbanks
    President, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Brenda  Lovcik
    Ms. Brenda Lovcik
    Senior VP & CFO
  • Mr. Adam Dante Zambanini
    Mr. Adam Dante Zambanini
    Executive VP & COO
  • Ms. Amy M. Fernandez
    Ms. Amy M. Fernandez
    Senior VP, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
  • Ms. S. Leslie Adkins
    Ms. S. Leslie Adkins
    Group VP of Marketing and ESG Development
  • Jacob T. Rudolph
    Jacob T. Rudolph
    Senior VP & Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Viktoriia  Nakhla
    Viktoriia Nakhla
    AdvisIRy Partner