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What does Transcontinental Realty Investors do?
Transcontinental Realty Investors (NYSE:TCI) focuses on acquiring and developing high-quality real estate properties. The company has a diverse portfolio that includes a mix of residential, commercial, and land assets. Its projects aim to capitalize on value-add opportunities, enhancing property value through strategic upgrades and efficient management. Transcontinental Realty Investors is committed to delivering solid returns to its stakeholders, with objectives centered around long-term growth, sustainability, and maximizing shareholder value. The company’s strategy involves identifying underperforming assets in key markets, improving them, and efficiently managing property operations to increase occupancy rates and rental income.
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What sector is Transcontinental Realty Investors in?

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Real Estate

Where is the head office for Transcontinental Realty Investors?

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Head Office
Dallas, United States

What year was Transcontinental Realty Investors founded?

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What does Transcontinental Realty Investors specialise in?
/Real Estate Investment /Property Management /Commercial Properties /Residential Properties /Land Development /Investment Raising

What are the products and/or services of Transcontinental Realty Investors?

Overview of Transcontinental Realty Investors offerings
Acquisition and development of multifamily and commercial properties, enhancing real estate portfolio value.
Property management services ensuring optimal asset performance and tenant satisfaction.
Commercial leasing services, offering prime locations for business operations.
Land development projects, turning undeveloped land into valuable real estate opportunities.
Real estate investment services, providing opportunities for investors to partake in property ownership and income generation.
Construction services for new development projects, contributing to property expansion and modernization.

Who is in the executive team of Transcontinental Realty Investors?

Transcontinental Realty Investors leadership team
  • Mr. Erik L. Johnson
    Mr. Erik L. Johnson
    Executive VP, CFO & Principal Executive Officer
  • Mr. Louis Joseph Corna
    Mr. Louis Joseph Corna
    Executive VP, General Counsel, Tax Counsel & Secretary
  • Mr. Bradley J. Kyles
    Mr. Bradley J. Kyles
    Executive Vice President of Multifamily Operations
  • Mr. Samuel C. Perry
    Mr. Samuel C. Perry
  • Ms. Patty  Murphy
    Ms. Patty Murphy
    Investor Relations Specialist