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What does TransAct Technologies do?
TransAct Technologies (NASDAQ:TACT) focuses on developing software and printing solutions that serve a wide range of industries, including the food safety, casino and gaming, POS automation, and oil and gas sectors. The company's product line includes printers, terminals, software, and other related accessories designed to increase operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences. One of their eminent projects is the BOHA! system, a comprehensive solution for food service operations, encompassing hardware, software, and cloud-based data to improve food safety, reduce waste, and streamline kitchen operations. TransAct aims to innovate continuously, driving forward technology that simplifies transactions and workflows, thereby delivering exceptional value to customers and stakeholders.
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What sector is TransAct Technologies in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for TransAct Technologies?

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Head Office
Hamden, United States

What year was TransAct Technologies founded?

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Year Founded
What does TransAct Technologies specialise in?
/Printing Solutions /Casino Management /Software Development /Electronic Journals /Food Safety Tracking /Oil Monitoring

What are the products and/or services of TransAct Technologies?

Overview of TransAct Technologies offerings
POS printers providing tailored solutions for restaurant, food safety, and banking transactions.
Epicentral, a print system delivering targeted promotional offers and bonuses directly to the casino floor.
Food safety terminals that automate food labeling and tracking, enhancing kitchen efficiency and compliance.
Casino and gaming ticket printers designed for slot machines and VLTs, offering reliability and security.
Oil and gas terminal printers built to withstand rugged conditions, ensuring accurate, durable receipts and logs.
Banking transaction printers, offering secure and efficient solutions for financial document processing.

Who is in the executive team of TransAct Technologies?

TransAct Technologies leadership team
  • Mr. John M. Dillon
    Mr. John M. Dillon
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Steven A. DeMartino
    Mr. Steven A. DeMartino
    President, CFO, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Mr. Brent W. Richtsmeier
    Mr. Brent W. Richtsmeier
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Ms. Monique  Iken
    Ms. Monique Iken
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. William J. DeFrances
    Mr. William J. DeFrances
    VP ,Chief Accounting Officer & Principal Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Benjamin C. Wyatt
    Mr. Benjamin C. Wyatt
    Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development
  • Mr. Miguel  Ortiz
    Mr. Miguel Ortiz
    Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Lynn  Kozlowski
    Lynn Kozlowski
    Vice President of Human Resources