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What does Estrella Immunopharma do?
Estrella Immunopharma (NASDAQ:ESLA) focuses on advancing healthcare through innovative pharmaceutical solutions, with a keen interest in developing immunotherapies. The company is devoted to creating treatments that enhance the body's immune response to various diseases, emphasizing cancer and autoimmune disorders. Estrella Immunopharma's objectives are to push the boundaries of medical science, aiming for breakthroughs that can significantly improve patient outcomes. Through rigorous research and clinical trials, the company seeks to uncover new therapeutic avenues that can offer hope to those facing challenging diagnoses.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Estrella Immunopharma?

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New York, United States

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What does Estrella Immunopharma specialise in?
/Immunotherapy Development /Cancer Treatment /Pharmaceutical Research /Drug Discovery /Biotechnology Company /Clinical Trials

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Overview of Estrella Immunopharma offerings
Development of novel cancer immunotherapies targeting resistant tumors, employing cutting-edge biotechnology for increased efficacy.
Production of proprietary therapeutic antibodies aimed at specific cancer markers, enhancing precision medicine in oncology.
Collaboration on a groundbreaking vaccine project focused on preventing recurrences in high-risk cancer patients, leveraging immune system modulation.
Initiation of clinical trials for a unique gene therapy approach aimed at correcting immune dysfunctions in rare diseases, pioneering personalized treatments.
Offering comprehensive diagnostic services that utilize advanced molecular techniques to identify suitable immunotherapeutic strategies for individual patients.
Research and development of innovative immune modulators intended to enhance the efficacy of existing cancer treatments, addressing unmet medical needs.

Who is in the executive team of Estrella Immunopharma?

Estrella Immunopharma leadership team
  • Dr. Cheng  Liu Ph.D.
    Dr. Cheng Liu Ph.D.
    CEO, President & Director
  • Jiandong  Xu
    Jiandong Xu
    Chief Financial Officer