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What does Toyota Motor do?
Toyota Motor (TSE:7203), (NYSE:TM), (LSE:TYT) is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells vehicles and their parts globally. Its operations include hybrid vehicles production, vehicles financing, and designing intelligent transport systems. Projects are often focused on technological advancements in the automotive industry, such as electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and self-driving vehicle technologies. Toyota's primary objectives include advancing sustainable mobility solutions, maintaining global market leadership, enhancing product safety and quality, and improving operational efficiency.
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What sector is Toyota Motor in?

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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Toyota Motor ?

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Head Office
Toyota City, Japan

What year was Toyota Motor founded?

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What does Toyota Motor specialise in?
/Automobile Manufacturing /Hybrid Technology /Luxury Vehicles /Parts Distribution /Financial Services /Robotics Research

What are the products and/or services of Toyota Motor ?

Overview of Toyota Motor offerings
Known for its automotive lineup, Toyota offers performance coupes, sedans, SUVs, trucks, and hybrid electric vehicles, all renowned for their reliability.
Toyota Financial Services provides auto leasing and financing, insurance, and flexible payment options encouraging easier vehicle ownership.
Innovating in automotive technology, Toyota focuses on developing advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking and radar cruise control.
Alongside passenger vehicles, the Toyota brand offers a range of commercial vehicles including trucks and buses catering to business needs.
Promoting sustainable mobility, Toyota’s Fuel Cell Project explores hydrogen-powered vehicles that emit only water, not carbon dioxide.
Through its robotics program, Toyota aims to assist mobility, providing automated solutions for elderly or disabled individuals.

Who is in the executive team of Toyota Motor ?

Toyota Motor leadership team
  • Mr. Koji  Sato
    Mr. Koji Sato
    President, CEO, Operating Officer & Director
  • Mr. Yoichi  Miyazaki
    Mr. Yoichi Miyazaki
    Operating Officer, EVP, Chief Competitive Officer, CFO and President of Bus. Planning & Operation
  • Masahiro  Yamamoto
    Masahiro Yamamoto
    Chief Officer of Accounting Group
  • Mr. Hiroki  Nakajima
    Mr. Hiroki Nakajima
    Operating Officer, VP, Executive VP, Director & CTO
  • Dr. Gill A. Pratt
    Dr. Gill A. Pratt
    Chief Scientist, CEO & Executive Fellow of Toyota Research Institute, Inc.
  • Mr. Koji  Kobayashi
    Mr. Koji Kobayashi
    Chief Risk Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Mr. Jun  Nagata
    Mr. Jun Nagata
    Chief Communication Officer, Chief Officer of External & Public Affairs Group and Operating Officer
  • Mr. Masanori  Kuwata
    Mr. Masanori Kuwata
    EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer