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What does TotalEnergies SE do?
TotalEnergies (EURONEXT:TOTAL), (NYSE:TTE) is a global energy company that delves into every corner of the energy landscape, blending its operations across oil, natural gas, renewable energies, and electricity. With a vision rooted in the sustainable energy future, the firm actively engages in projects that reduce carbon footprints, from solar and wind farms to biofuels and hydrogen production. TotalEnergies is dedicated to ensuring energy is affordable, reliable, and clean for as many people as possible. Its objectives are deeply intertwined with the global transition towards more sustainable energy sources, aiming to strike a balance between meeting the world's energy needs and addressing the pressing challenge of climate change. The company's innovative approach to energy solutions is reflected in its vast portfolio of projects designed to harness the potential of natural and renewable resources.
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Where is the head office for TotalEnergies SE ?

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Courbevoie, France

What year was TotalEnergies SE founded?

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What does TotalEnergies SE specialise in?
/Oil Exploration /Gas Production /Renewable Energies /Power Generation /Petrochemicals Manufacturing /Energy Storage

What are the products and/or services of TotalEnergies SE ?

Overview of TotalEnergies SE offerings
Oil and Gas: This remains their core business, encompassing exploration, production, and trading of crude oil and natural gas.
Refining and Petrochemicals: They operate several refineries and produce various petrochemical products like plastics, resins, and fertilizers.
Renewable Energies: TotalEnergies invests heavily in renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biomass, offering various solutions to customers.
Natural Gas and Power Solutions: They supply natural gas and electricity to businesses and households, investing in power generation and distribution infrastructure.
Mobility Solutions: Their offerings include fuel stations, lubricants, bitumen for road construction, and other services tailored to various transportation needs.
Trading and Retail: TotalEnergies is a major player in international energy trading, marketing various energy products and providing risk management solutions to clients.

Who is in the executive team of TotalEnergies SE ?

TotalEnergies SE leadership team
  • Mr. Patrick  Pouyanne
    Mr. Patrick Pouyanne
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Jean-Pierre  Sbraire
    Mr. Jean-Pierre Sbraire
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Marie-Noëlle  Semeria
    Ms. Marie-Noëlle Semeria
    Senior VP & Group CTO
  • Mr. Michel  Hourcard
    Mr. Michel Hourcard
    SVP of Development & Ops Techniques - Exploration/Production & SVP of Scientific & Technical Center
  • Mr. Renaud  Lions
    Mr. Renaud Lions
    Senior Vice President of Investor Relations
  • Mr. Jacques-Emmanuel  Saulnier
    Mr. Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
  • Mr. Thierry  Pflimlin
    Mr. Thierry Pflimlin
    President of Marketing & Services
  • Ms. Francoise  Leroy
    Ms. Francoise Leroy
    Head of Merger & Acquisitions