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What does Top KingWin do?
Top KingWin (NASDAQ:TCJH) is a leading provider of innovative financial technology solutions, empowering businesses and individuals to navigate the complexities of modern finance seamlessly. With a focus on user-centric design and cutting-edge technology, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including digital banking, investment management, and payment processing. Our commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of innovation drive us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients worldwide. At Top KingWin, we envision a future where financial empowerment is accessible to all, and we strive to make this vision a reality through our relentless dedication to excellence and innovation.
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Where is the head office for Top KingWin ?

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Head Office
Guangzhou, China

What year was Top KingWin founded?

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Year Founded
What does Top KingWin specialise in?
/Investment Services /Financial Management /Stock Trading /Equity Investment /Asset Management /Financial Planning

What are the products and/or services of Top KingWin ?

Overview of Top KingWin offerings
Corporate Business Training: They provide training programs related to business and capital markets, potentially including personal and management development.
Corporate Consulting: Top KingWin offers consulting services to address specific financial needs of SMEs, likely including customized solutions.
Advisory and Transaction Services: This includes services like investment strategy planning, investor relations assistance, and fundraising support.

Who is in the executive team of Top KingWin ?

Top KingWin leadership team
  • Mr. Ruilin  Xu
    Mr. Ruilin Xu
    Chairman & CEO
  • Ms. Dan  Wu
    Ms. Dan Wu
    Chief Financial Officer