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Tominet (CRYPTO:TOMI) is an innovative urban solution connecting people with city life. Its operations focus on proximity, offering quick access to various content icons like News, Events, Search, Transports, and multimedia. Personalization tailors content based on user preferences, while Collaboration makes Tominet a social platform for interaction. Tominet's ongoing projects aim to expand its network to more cities worldwide, boost platform speed, enhance user-friendliness, and introduce new user and city-friendly products and services. Their objectives include becoming the top global smart city platform, simplifying access to city-related information, and streamlining how cities provide valuable information and services to residents.
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Tel Aviv, Israel

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Overview of tomiNet offerings
City guides: Tominet offers city guides that provide users with information about the best places to eat, drink, shop, and visit in their city.
Collaboration: Tominet enables users to collaborate and share information with each other, making it a more interactive and social platform.
Community events: Tominet lists community events happening in the city, such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events.
Personalization: Tominet learns user preferences and habits over time to deliver more relevant content and recommendations.
Proximity: Tominet emphasizes the options closer to the user through to 4 content icons: News, Events, Search, Transports and a fun one: photo or GIFs.
Public transportation information: Tominet provides users with real-time information about public transportation schedules and routes.