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What does TKO Group do?
TKO Group (NYSE:TKO) operates across various sectors, focusing on innovative projects and strategic ventures aimed at achieving sustainable growth and adding value to its stakeholders. The company's activities span from technology solutions to real estate development, showcasing a diversified portfolio designed to capitalize on market opportunities and address contemporary challenges. With objectives centered on enhancing operational efficiencies, expanding its market reach, and investing in high-potential areas, TKO Group is committed to delivering excellence and fostering long-term relationships with its partners and clients. Through its operations, TKO Group aims to achieve a leading position in its active industries by prioritizing innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.
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What sector is TKO Group in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for TKO Group?

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Head Office
Connecticut, United States

What year was TKO Group founded?

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Year Founded
What does TKO Group specialise in?
/Investment Management /Financial Services /Wealth Advising /Tax Planning /Real Estate /Acquisition Planning

What are the products and/or services of TKO Group?

Overview of TKO Group offerings
Telecommunications and network services, offering innovative solutions for mobile and broadband connectivity.
Financial technology platforms, providing secure payment processing and financial management tools.
Renewable energy projects, focusing on solar and wind power generation.
Healthcare technology services, developing digital health platforms for patient management and telemedicine.
E-commerce platforms, supporting small and medium businesses with online retail solutions.
Educational technology services, offering online learning platforms and digital resources for institutions and individuals.

Who is in the executive team of TKO Group?

TKO Group leadership team
  • Mr. Ariel Zev Emanuel
    Mr. Ariel Zev Emanuel
    Executive Chair & CEO
  • Mr. Mark S. Shapiro
    Mr. Mark S. Shapiro
    COO, President & Director
  • Mr. Andrew M. Schleimer
    Mr. Andrew M. Schleimer
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Seth D. Krauss Esq.
    Mr. Seth D. Krauss Esq.
    Chief Legal & Administrative Officer
  • Mr. Shane R. Kapral
    Mr. Shane R. Kapral
    Chief Accounting Officer
  • Mr. Seth  Zaslow
    Mr. Seth Zaslow
    Senior VP & Head of Investor Relations
  • Robert  Hilton
    Robert Hilton
    Senior VP, Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Secretary