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Timothy Plan International ETF (NYSE: TPIF) focuses on providing investors with a Biblically responsible investment option that targets international markets. The fund operates with the objective of delivering competitive performance while adhering to Christian principles, which involves avoiding investments in companies that are directly involved in activities inconsistent with traditional Christian values. The ETF is designed for investors who wish to expand their investment horizons globally while maintaining ethical investment standards, thus balancing moral imperatives with financial goals. Through careful selection of international equities, Timothy Plan International ETF aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation for its investors, supporting them in making investment choices that align with their faith and ethical beliefs.
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Orlando, United States

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/Faith-Based Investing /Christian Ethical Standards /International Equity /Diversified Portfolio /Investment Screening /Mutual Funds

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Overview of Timothy Plan International ETF offerings
Faith-based Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) focusing on international markets, adhering to biblical principles.
Screening and monitoring services to ensure investments align with Christian values.
Educational resources on biblically responsible investing for individuals and institutions.
Tools for financial advisors to integrate faith-based options into their offerings.
Investment analytics and reports offering insights on international markets through a Christian lens.
Community engagement programs aimed at promoting responsible stewardship of resources.